Marco and Kisses support Maymay's concert!

Pinoy Big Brother trio, Maymay Entrata, Kisses Delavin, and Marco Gallo! The latter two were all out in their support for their fellow PBB housemate and friend, Maymay, when Maymay had her solo concert last night, The Dream MAYMAY in Concert at the KIA Theater in Cubao. This, despite the break-up of KissMarc, Kisses and Marco’s love team, and whatever tension there may have been between these friends. There have also been rumors of rivalry between Maymay and Kisses (Kisses will also have her own solo concert tonight!), but looks like all is well between these two ladies. Below are snaps of Marco and Kisses supporting Maymay at her concert! Marco is so sweet and supportive, he even expressed his love for Maymay in his Instagram account! Just goes to show that Marco, Kisses, and Maymay are all #friendshipgoals!

Marco and Edward at the backstage of #MaymayLivingTheDream

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