Mary Jane Watson Is No Damsel-In-Distress In The New Spider-Man PS4 Game

In the films and comics of Marvel’s Spider-Man, we’ve grown to know Peter Parker’s love interest, Mary Jane Watson as the damsel-in-distress.

In the new Spider-Man Play Station 4 game made by Insomniac Games, Mary Jane is more than Peter Parker’s love interest—She becomes a hero.

Just like Spidey, Mary Jane also wants to make the world a better place. But of course, Mary Jane does not have superpowers like Spidey—She has wit and impeccable investigative skills. In the game, MJ is working as Daily Bugle’s best investigative journalist. With her strong personality and tactics, she easily outsmarts other journalists to get information ahead of them.

What’s cool is that side Mary Jane is also a playable character in the game. The two characters help each other out to spot and beat the city’s villains. In the game trailer, Spidey is inclusive of MJ in his quest by saying: “We gotta play this just right.”

While using MJ’s character, players can still practice aiming without a gun. With her camera (plus some real stealth), MJ has to duck and sneak around places to take photos of the bad guys, that she, later on, sends to Spider-Man to defeat.

In the game, her first scene was not with Peter. MJ was busy doing her own grind to gather scoop for the Daily Bugle, proof that she is no side-character to the heroic superhero.

Not only that, Spider-Man turns out to be a vulnerable character in the game. At the first part of the trailer, it seemed like Peter Parker wanted to take it slow to do more things as Peter Parker and less Spider-Man.

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But at the end of the trailer, it shows that MJ plays an important role in Peter’s life. She’s the one who encourages Peter (who is putting his Spidey mask) to become more Spider-Man to save more lives in their city.

We see what it’s like to be the person around the superhero.

Sure, we get to feel what it’s like to be saving the city through these superhero games. But never have we felt being the people around the hero. During’s interview with Spider-Man game creative director Bryan Intihar, he said: “What is it like for the other people in the superhero’s life?” In the game, we get to see a bit more of Aunt May who is always caring and supportive of Peter, and Insomniac made MJ a playable character by studying and revamping the classic character of MJ from all the Spider-Man comics and movies ever made.

Finally, from being a basic love-interest, Mary Jane is also a hero.