Maureen Wroblewitz Would ‘Never Be Friends With Someone’ Who Uses Gay As An Insult

Maureen Wroblewitz breaks silence after her Buwan music video partner and friend, JK Labajo, was involved in a heated Twitter exchange with his The Voice Kids co-contestant, Darren Espanto.

In a Twitter statement released on October 24, Maureen wrote, “If you knew me personally, you’d know that I would never support, defend NOR even be friends with someone who sees being ‘gay,’ ‘lesbian,’ ‘transgender,’ etc. as an insult.”

Maureen continues, “Supporting someone who allegedly used ‘gay’ as an insult would make me a hypocrite. Being in the LGBT community doesn’t make you less of a person. It actually shows how strong you are that you’re able to step out of that perfect ‘image’ that apparently everyone is supposed to be.”

Her statement spurred from the squabble that started last October 19. When JK tweeted Darren, “@Espanto2001 gayness at its finest.”

JK said that he messaged Darren privately to settle the issue. Darren however, didn’t like that he was called gay by JK’s alleged hacker. He tweeted JK saying, “Pag nahanap mo yung hacker mo, puntahan niyo ako para malaman niyo kung sino yung totoong BAKLA.”

Adding insult to injury

The Twitterverse didn’t like that both sides used gay in a derogatory manner. The fans then called out the two singers for using the word as an insult, which Darren acknowledged in his next post.

He first apologized to those he offended for using “bakla” (gay) as a derogatory term. He said, “I’ve been bashed with this since I was in The Voice Kids.”

Later on, JK apologized for explaining himself out of anger. However, he refuses to apologize for the tweet that he didn’t post.

“Mamatay man lahat ng tao na mahal ko at nagmamahal sakin… hindi ako ang nag tweet nun,” JK wrote. (Even if all my loved ones and those who love me die, it was not me who tweeted that.)

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