Maymay Entrata: From Fangirl To Phenomenon

It’s not everyday that an ordinary, quirky, star-struck girl gets to become a big celebrity herself, but Maymay Entrata proves to us fangirls how dreams can indeed turn into reality.

Maymay, also dubbed as the “Wacky Go Lucky ng Cagayan de Oro” just keeps stepping from one milestone to the other. After she became the Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7, she, together with Edward Barber, paired together in becoming the cover stars of #MakingMEGAinGermany documentary for the month of February.

Fangirl Roots

Before she became a rising star, we saw Maymay as the bubbly fangirl of ABS-CBN. In her life as a PBB housemate, we found entertainment in her priceless reactions whenever a celebrity visited the house. Acting like a true fangirl, she would go wide-eyed and kilig every time. One of the most memorable moments at the PBB house was when her ultimate celebrity crush, Enrique Gil, took her on a date by the pool area.

Image credit: Big Brother Wiki

It’s no surprise that Maymay would later on be paired up with Edward Barber, whom she said looks a lot like Enrique Gil. But it’s not just Edward’s looks that truly captured Maymay’s attraction.

Maymay: “Si Edward, ang buong akala ko, yan lang siya: nagpapatawa, tahimik, nagbabasa, matalino. Yun lang yung alam ko sakanya. Pero nung nagsimula kaming magusap, may deep side siya. Yung mga advice niya sobrang lalim! Lahat gagawin niya para lang mafeel mo na importante ka sakanya.”

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In their in depth #MakingMEGAinGermany documentary which is set to premiere today, Maymay shares her heartwarming sentiments as she lives out her dreams of becoming a true princess in Heidelberg, Germany.

In the documentary, Maymay said that she used to dream about having a simple photo shoot – one that would make her feel like a celebrity. But what Mega gave her was something bigger.

It was a ‘pinch me, I must be dreaming’ moment for Maymay. “Nakikita ko na talagang ‘tong MEGA, nakikita ko na siya sa magazine. Kasi alam ko malaking magazine siya sa Philippines. Tapos yung time na sinabi na magme-MEGA na [ako], ang sarap sa feeling,” she said.

Becoming a Phenomenon

There’s no mystery to Maymay’s skyrocketing success in the showbiz industry. With her genuine and effortlessly funny personality, it’s impossible not to like her. Which is why she was chosen to be on the cover of MEGA; she embodies what type of person women should look up to.

Edward: “The thing about Maymay is that she’s just so positive, and it’s hard to hate Maymay. You just have to spend time with her for a day to believe it. That’s what makes Maymay beautiful.”

The undeniable chemistry between the two created one of the biggest fandoms in the Philippines. MayWard fans from across the nation continue to support the ever-growing pair. It’s a given that you’ll see MayWard everywhere! From magazines, billboards,  to TV shows, they truly are the phenomenon to keep an eye on.

“Madami pa akong gustong matutunan,” said Maymay. This princess may love happy endings, but you can bet that her fairy tale did not end when the photo shoot in Germany ended. This is only the beginning for Maymay.