Maymay Entrata: The Makings of A Powerhouse Celebrity

If there’s a formula for what makes a perfect celebrity, it would (arguably) be this:

There should be a whole lot of talent, a memorable face. And of course, a huge amount of confidence to step in front of the cameras or into a crowd. All of these combined will make for one powerful celebrity.  If you add in authenticity and a great sense of humor, in your sights will be a powerhouse.

And her name is Marydale ‘Maymay’ Entrata.

Maymay Entrata, MEG, May 2019

The summer heat has been intense, but it looks like summer has never looked this good for our beloved star. You see, May doesn’t just mark that the summer break is here; it also happens to be Maymay’s birth month. For her, a perfect birthday celebration would include a family trip to the beach, singing karaoke, grilling seafood, and watching her cousins play around and have the time of their lives.

Last May 6, Maymay celebrated her 22nd birthday in Japan with her family. Despite a little setback (she got sick while on the trip), she had a trip and a birthday celebration for the books.

It sounds wild if you think about how a 22-year-old has managed to score gigs at major runways, star in popular movies and teleseryes, and release catchy pop songs at such a young age. And these are all while maintaining her status as a crowd favorite.

Maymay Entrata, MEG, May 2019

Maymay was just among the many stars in the sky

Maymay’s journey to stardom began when she was cast as a teen housemate in Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 Edition. Her authenticity, relatability, and her eccentric personality catapulted her into winning the show’s longest season, beating out her 30 housemates.

At just 19 years old, Maymay found herself at the center of the world she has always dreamed of belonging in. At long last, she shined. But being a young woman in the spotlight had its downsides.

“After kong maging Big Winner, wala akong naging bagong goal sa buhay ko (After I became the Big Winner, I had no new goal in life),” she recalls.

Maymay saw nothing but the coveted title at the finish line. Once she got there, she suddenly had no idea where to go next.

“. . . Hindi ko alam kung ano yung magiging goals ko ulit – magtatrabaho ba ako dito sa showbiz, kukunin ba nila ako, babalik ba ako sa school? Tapos hindi ko pa alam kung sinong dapat kong pagkatiwalaan, and lagi lang akong sunod nang sunod (I didn’t know what my next goals should be — do I work here in showbiz, will they take me in, should I go back to school? I also didn’t know who to trust and I just did as I was told).”

Now 22, she has grown into a better version of her already great self.

Maymay Entrata, MEG, May 2019

Masasabi kong mas naging mature na ako — nag-grow yung 19-year-old na Maymay. . . Every year may goal ako. Mas palaban [na ako], at mas alam ko na kung sino yung dapat kong pagkatiwalaan (I can say that I’ve matured — the 19-year-old Maymay experienced growth… I now have a goal set for every year. I am more sure of myself and I know now who to trust),” she said.

She has since starred in blockbuster films such as ‘Fantastica’ and ‘Loving In Tandem’, hit teleserye La Luna Sangre’, became one of the most wanted models in the runway fashion industry. She has also released a studio album which has achieved platinum status.

Maymay Entrata, MEG, May 2019

These days, it’s almost impossible to not see a post about Maymay as you’re scrolling through your feed.

However, taking on the shiny road typically less traveled had its troubles. There are big setbacks that could crumble the strongest of stepping stones.

When Maymay was inside the PBB House, she received the devastating news that Papa Joe, her grandfather, passed away. Her heartbreaking reaction was shown in one of the show’s episodes. The viewers got one of their first sights of a seemingly bulletproof happy girl breaks down in tears over the loss of a loved one.

Her Papa Joe was one of the main reasons why she decided to join the competition. He was ill and needed to be treated, and Maymay desperately wanted to help.

Alam mo yung nanalo ka, naging Big Winner ka, pero parang may kulang kasi — alam kong masaya yung pamilya ko, proud sila sa akin — pero yung tao na naging dahilan kung bakit ako pumasok, nawala na (I became the Big Winner, but I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing — my family is happy and proud of me — but the person who was the reason why I joined in the first place is gone),” she said, grief and sadness still evident in her voice.

But there was nothing too tough for her to overcome.

Maymay Entrata, MEG, May 2019

The dark part of her journey only intensified the shine of the brighter ones, like when she became the first Filipina model to walk in the Arab Fashion Week. She calls the experience her favorite part of her journey, saying that it felt good to finally have such an amazing opportunity after having to sleep through and wake up to countless rejections.

Maymay humbly acknowledged that she has a lot to be thankful for and thankful to, specifically her millions of fans who don’t stop at anything to support her and all of her endeavors.

And of course, don’t worry Mayward fans, the duo is as cute and as great as ever.

Nagkakasakit minsan, pero healthy pa rin naman,” she jokingly quipped. Whether you’d like to take that as a literal or a figurative answer is up to you. Either way, enjoy the kilig.

She’s at the top of her game, and with her mindset and passion, it looks like she’s going nowhere but up.

As successful as she has become, she remains to be one of the most humble personalities in the business. She is staying true to the Maymay that the nation fell in love with, while growing up to become the Maymay that the generations to come will look up to.

Think you can resist her charm?

Oh my, Maymay.

Maymay Entrata, MEG, May 2019

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