Our Five Favorite Mayward Moments from Maymay's Concert!

Maymay Entrata‘s first solo concert held at KIA Theater last night! Of course, some of the major highlights include Mayward kilig moments! Here are our favorite swoon-worthy moments of the two from last night: Related: Is Maymay Entrata Ready for a Solo Concert?

    • Maymay and Edward chilling but still having that palpable chemistry backstage and those INTENSE looks they gave each other during their joint prod numbers during the night!
    • When Edward and Maymay danced to “Ikaw” and Edward twirled Maymay around so romantically. That dress was made for twirling, too! And of course, when he CARRIED HER while twirling her around. *swoon* Don’t you wish you were Maymay at that moment, with your Prince Charming carrying you around? And as if it didn’t get more romantic with every passing minute, there was Edward and Maymay putting their foreheads next to each other! Such a precious, intimate moment!

Mayward!! #TheDreamMaymayInConcert #MaymayLivingtheDream

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    • When they bonded with their other Pinoy Big Brother fellow winners, like Yong! Aww! Glad to see them still so close! This post brings back feels of the old days when they were still inside Kuya’s House.
  • When Edward stayed with his Princess (or Queen?!) ’til the end and gave and assisted her with the box of roses she was holding!

Thank you MayWard Fans!!!! #TheDreamMaymayInConcert #MaymayLivingtheDream

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How about you, what was your favorite Mayward moment that night? Tell us in your comments below and explain why! We’d love to hear your fave kilig Mayward moment! Words by Melissa G. Bagamasbad Read more: