EXCLUSIVE: McLisse Gives Relationship Update!

Inside Showbiz Weekly, McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson talked about the current status of their relationship. McCoy didn’t hesitate to share his partner’s role in his life. “Siya ‘yung babeng princess ko. Selosa pero lovable.” Elisse, on the other hand, says of the current status of the McLisse partnership: “We’re at a point na mas nagiging malalim ‘yung pagsasama namin at pagkakakilala sa isa’t isa.” Related: Mccoy De Leon, Elisse Joson for Inside Showbiz Weekly

As their love team continues to soar with non-stop projects, McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson share that their partnership has also progressed into a deeper one. They look fondly at how blessed their 2017 is and they tease on what’s coming up for their tandem next year.

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It’s nice to hear more about the trending love team’s motivations. It can’t be denied that McCoy and Elisse are more comfortable now to talk about what drives them to succeed. “Mayroong mga kumakanta at may sumasayaw na mga artista, pero masasabi namin na ang pinaka core talaga namin ay acting. Iyun ‘yung gusto naming gawin. Alam namin na doon namin mapapasaya ang tao,” says McCoy. Elisse adds to that: “We admit na marami pa kaming dapat matutunan, at doon ako na-e-excite. Iyun ‘yung gusto kong pag-igihan talaga.” Read more: