Meet PBB: Otso Teen Batch 2’s Big Four and the Adults Batch 2

We are now on the final batch of Pinoy Big Brother: Otso! Before the last batch of housemates were announced, the Big Four of the Teens Batch 2 were given a send off before they joined the real world. The Teens Batch 2 housemates who made it are Ashley del Mundo, Batit Espiritu, Tan Roncal, and Yen Quirante.

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The third batch of Big Four finalists have been announced last May 26 and had there sendoff to the real world on that same night.

Ashley del Mundo, Tan Roncal, Batit Espiritu, and Yen Quirante will be joining the Teens Batch 1 and Adults Batch 1 Big Four Finalists in a final round inside the famous Big Brother House. The merging of all Big Four finalists will happen after the Adults Batch 2 finalists are revealed.

Currently, the housemates of the Adults Batch 2 are already in the Big Brother house. Check out who were lucky enough to make it as housemates for the last roster of PBB: Otso  before competing in the final batch with all of the finalists from the previous batches of this season!

Do you already have a favorite housemate from the Adults Batch 2?

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