How Meg Taught Me to Be Confident: A Meg Internship Experience

I thought that the hardest part of being in college was the internship.

To tell you the truth, the word ‘workplace’ frightens me a lot because I don’t trust that I could perform well in the kind of world beyond the four walls of my classroom. It has been my greatest weakness, trusting myself. But even though I was really scared of taking this step forward, I knew that I needed to do the on-the-job training or else, I would not graduate.

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So I prepared and practiced. I made my resume and portfolio and submitted it to companies. When I got accepted to one of the most prestigious magazines in the Philippines, it was like a dream come true. It may seem too pretentious for me to say this, but way back in high school, I wanted to experience working on magazines and other print and media platforms. I was obsessed with the idea of seeing my design in print.

That interest started when I became a layout artist in high school. This resulted in me being eager to take this field. That is why, when I was informed after my interview that I can already start working as an intern and got assigned to Meg, I was really excited. I even promised not to fail all the people who trusted me.

The day before I started, I prepared, reviewed and studied their brand and online media accounts. My first day was still very clear in my memory. I was late that day due to some things I needed to finish first at school. On that very same day, I got to meet the Meg team. The most kind and my favorite editor and writer, Elyse Ilagan, together with Suzanne Albabbidi and Erika Austria.

I enjoyed their warm welcome very much. I was thankful to Elyse, my supervisor, because she entrusted me to handle and create featured arts for their articles and magazine covers. I had the honor to have my works published and even got to meet my favorite personalities at events.

Whenever they praised my work, it felt fulfilling. It made me think that I was ready for life after school. My confidence slowly began to rise.

Of course, in the media industry, there was pressure with the workload and the time allotted for each artwork. Meg taught me to exercise conceptualizing fast and execute it quickly without sacrificing its quality. It was indeed a good training ground for me.

I thought after college I would not be stressed anymore because I know Mapua had already prepared and trained me for these kinds of pressures, but I was wrong, it’s the other way around. There is still a lot to know.

Times came when I had problems with finishing my art and I become very disappointed whenever I wasn’t able to reach the deadline.

The last few weeks of my meg internship was, I think, the most challenging part.

I was experiencing a crisis in conceptualizing and designing. Then with me thinking all negatively, things began to follow and continued to tear me down. The lack of trust in myself began to grow again and my confidence to hide all of a sudden. I remembered I had this conversation with my supervisor, telling her that I have self-doubt and my desire to finding my own identity, my own brand as an artist.

I want a branding that can easily distinguish me from others. I think this is where I started to struggle. I was being too hard on myself, wanting to reach this goal immediately. But every time that I think I failed, my supervisor always encouraged me and continued to believe in me.

Words cannot express how thankful I am to have her by my side, supporting me despite my flaws. So I decided to step up and practiced to be great, and not fail all the people who believed in me. This is also the main reason why I decided to extend my stay for a few more days, so that I can still train and pay back the generosity the team had given me.

They never failed to always lift me up. I hope I made my supervisor and the rest of the team proud with those works I’ve accomplished because I owe the team for always motivating me to be confident.

I will always cherish the friendship that was built in Meg. Maybe the biggest thing I realized was to reward and trust myself even more and to not rush everything. I learned that if I want to achieve something, I must really work hard and undergo the process which will make me grow enough to harvest the sweet fruits of success.

One Mega Group Inc., particularly Meg Magazine, is a very fun team to work with. Maybe it was because it’s a teen magazine in nature which I can much relate to.

Overall, all I can say is thank you. It was my dream to publish my works online where anyone around the world can see and appreciate my talent. I had a very welcoming team who treated interns as part of the actual team. It didn’t feel like I was an intern at all!

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Where can I meet professionals, wanting them to be addressed by their first names even though they are my superiors? Only Meg.

So to the Meg team, thank you for letting me experience the journey that made me realize what I wanted to do. I hope I can work with the team again in the future, and to keep the friendship even though my internship period has already ended.

This is for all the people who believed in me, I am now ready to take the next step.

This piece was written by Ma. Gadriell Gem U. Sol, now a graduate of Mapua Institute of Technology with a degree in Multimedia Arts and Sciences.