How I Saw The World From My Desk: A Meg Internship Experience

Writing is a powerful tool.

Especially in this digital age where the things you think you know, you see and read can be accessed on the screens of your phones.

My Meg internship has been an important point in my life. It’s an avenue I can use to impart my advocacies, and hopefully, influence others to engage in healthy discourse regarding pressing matters in the world. However, in a discussion with my editor, some Filipinos don’t seem to be interested in writing and reading anymore – which are two of the most essential skills for cultural preservation and innovation.  

Before going into my internship, I had been at that point in my college career where I started doubting my life decisions.

One of which is my course: Creative Writing. Piles and piles of papers, requirements, and readings to finish had eventually drained me into a machine of deadlines. However, my internship felt like a slap in the face. It was a reminder of why I chose Creative Writing in the first place. Fame and recognition were not the things I prioritized, but the chance to influence others through my writing.

In the position of privilege that I am in, I feel that I have this sense of responsibility.

With the condition of not just our country, but the entire world, how can I not feel so? Men and women and children are dying every day because of political agendas. Discrimination, sexism, and every other violence are happening right and left. I try to utilize as much education as I have into helping others. And that includes being open to discourse. Being informed and educated goes a long way.

It was only until I got into a public domain that I fully came to realize the sensibilities of news and feature writing.

There are other people that will read my works. People of different ages, sexes, ethnicity, nationality, and basically people I don’t know. By writing such sensitive materials such as Duterte’s SONA and LGBTQ+ issues, I’m opening my articles up for criticism, both good and bad. I have seen comments on my articles that counter my opinions. It’s a reminder to myself that the world is not black and white, there are untold stories, and overlooked sides. Writing for Meg has kept me grounded in the reality that the majority wouldn’t dare to look at nor accept. 

My editor makes sure that it’s not completely controversial – enough to garner hate from a lot of people. She gave me freedom as to what I plan to write for the day. Thinking about what to write proved to be difficult. However, she has been a huge help, especially in content managing. There would be a time when I would be so sure of my own opinion that I forget that it’s not a universal fact. My editor would come in and interject, her words and comments like a bucket of cold water thrown at me. Being surrounded by such inspiring and open-minded people had definitely helped me to be braver in opening myself up and my opinions to discourse.

Aside from the technicalities of article and news writing, experiences in and outside the work setting have made my internship fun and inspiring.

Lunch breaks weren’t the only times that I could feel less stressed. Even in work mode, my co-workers still make the setting less boring and more entertaining. They know when it’s time to be serious, and when it’s okay to be less uptight. Outside of writing, I’ve also managed to practice graphic designing after years of not doing it. My co-intern had been doing this for the duration of his internship. It inspired me to explore more fields of creativity that writing does not encompass. 

Writing can be daunting and difficult to do. But being in Meg guided me into being more open and less afraid.

There are a lot more things to learn about than we can imagine. There are so much prejudice and discrimination in this world. I’m pretty sure anyone reading this has an experience or two with it. We live in a society that practically shames those with opinions, and hinders them to explore. Writing for Meg gave me the strength to not be afraid of speaking up my mind.