My Meg Internship Was A Passion Journey I Will Never Forget

My Meg Internship experience brought to me not only experience but also some important self-realization that I will forever be grateful for.

When I got the job, I was happy and excited since I felt like this is my thing; fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and all that jazz in the media world. I wanted to take it so badly and accept the job, however, at the back of my mind, I was thinking of another option as well. I had another company, a branding, and advertising company that I got into. This made me wonder if I should be in a media publishing company or a branding and advertising company. In the end, I chose to work in MEG for practical reasons, such as at its office being near my house, which automatically leads to shorter traveling time and fewer expenses.

I know it may sound bad, “oh she chose the company because of practical reasons, where is her passion?” Well, I do have a passion for it, but I would not say it’s my dream job. Let’s just say, different people lead different lives and copes with different situations and circumstances. I believe that everyone figures out their own passion at their own pace. I for one, haven’t found that main passion, “the one” that I would love to do for the rest of my life. So I thought of trying MEG out and see where it goes. Who knows? Maybe my passion lies here.

And so, day one of my internship arrived, and I made it through alive. I did artworks for articles and I more or less got the gist of it through thorough guidance. Moreover, what I love the most about my internship is that the term “multimedia artist” was taken into a literal context. The others that I know of pretty much stick to one field during their OJT. They may be stuck with just layout, or website or whatever subcategories the course MMA has under it. But in MEG, I got to do a lot.

I was able to write articles, which I know is not my forte at all.

My brain cells were screaming mercy at me, trying to write and form sentences. But seeing the articles I killed my brain cells for published on the website made me feel a sense of accomplishment; even if it still had to undergo a lot of editing by the official writers.

I was able to shoot behind the scenes videos and do post-production too.

This is a fun one since I’ve always had an interest in videography but never truly had the chance to delve into it. MEG gave me the opportunity to hone and develop my baby videography skills. I was able to learn how to clean photos as well and experience the stress of real-time content release via the MEGA Ball. I experienced a lot of new things, I was able to practice and enhance my skills, I was able to put myself out there, and I was challenged to be better than mediocre.

Besides the wonderful work experience, another A+ bonus in my internship is the MEG team.

They were sugar, spice, and everything nice. They were approachable, friendly and funny which I immensely thank the heavens for since I am the epitome of an awkward human being. I tried my best not to be awkward and appear anti-social, but it was hard. My default setting is to stick to me, myself and I when thrown into foreign environments until I adapt. So breaking out of that setting took quite some time. I completely came out of my little turtle shell, when I was nearing the end of my internship. If I regret anything in my internship experience, it’s not getting to know the team earlier.

In the end, my MEG Internship is one that I will never forget.

I got to apply different skills, meet different people, and learn a lot about work and life. I also realized that “this” may not be my thing. I had some self-realization during my internship such as that the path or road I am on right now, is not exactly the path that I want for myself. I love my internship experience, no doubt about that. But I realize that I want something different in my life or maybe more in my life, which may seem idealistic or overachieving considering life, is harder than it seems, and dreams and aspirations don’t always come true.

But an office life, with routines, and enclosed space is not really “me.” I would prefer different passion projects that will give me new experiences and set of excitement all the time. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t exactly found what I want to do in life yet. It may seem like a negative thing, being a graduating student who doesn’t even know what to do with their life or have plans for the near future. But as I have said, my stand is that everyone runs their life and lives their life at their own pace; and my pacing now is “A” okay with me.

I don’t want to conform and be pressured by societal expectations wherein knowing and determining one’s path immediately is ideal and perfect.

To sum it up, my OJT experience gave me so much learning that I will forever be grateful for and at the same time it brought me one step closer to finding out what I want in life.

My internship or OJT served as one of the platforms for finding out and figuring out myself. So, my main take-home life lesson is that OJT serves not only as a training ground for your possible job, but it also a place where you discover yourself.

You learn and see where you stand against the others in your field, you discover your strengths and weaknesses, and see as well if the path you are in right now is the path that you want. In the end, publishing is not my passion, but my experience in MEG is a chapter in my journey that will remain forever significant and unforgettable. So I guess, the next chapter is upon me, and my journey to finding out my true passion continues.