MET Gala 2018: Where Did The ‘Best-Dressed’ Get Their Inspiration From?

The Met Gala is by far the glitziest night for the fashion industry. This is the night when celebrities, together with their stylists, get to express their creativity and take fashion risks at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. This is not just any normal red carpet event where celebs flaunt their beauty and curves. In fact, the Met is the perfect opportunity to deviate from that.

Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and The Catholic Imagination.

This year’s theme highlights the influence of Catholicism in the fashion industry. Though highly controversial, the theme this 2018 provided plenty of space for interpretation. Through the years, only a handful of celebrities are brave enough to follow the theme, while some still choose to be on the safe side. Now, we’re seeing more and more of them taking risks. From the Papal ensemble, literal saints, to Catholic art, let’s see how these celebrities integrated the theme into their looks.

Lily Collins: Our Lady of Sorrows

IG: @labyrinthofcollages

Our Lady of Sorrows is of The Virgin Mary, which refers to the seven sorrows of her life. One of the many Catholic imageries of Our Lady of Sorrows is Mary with teardrops in her eyes.

The gothic elegance of Lily Collins’ spin on Our Lady of Sorrows simply makes her one of the best-dressed celebrities in the Met Gala. Lily never ceases to be breathtaking, wearing Givenchy and a Clare Waight Keller crown.

Zendaya: Joan of Arc

IG: @labyrinthofcollages

Joan of Arc is a Roman Catholic saint. During the Lancastrian phase, she was sent to the siege of Orleans to be a part of a relief mission. She is recognized as a heroine of France for her role during the Hundred Years’ War. At just the age of 18, Joan led the victory of the French army over the English.

Nicknamed as the Maid of Orleans, it’s only fitting that Zendaya, a feminist icon of this generation, embodied her at the Met. Zendaya’s full chainmail ensemble by Versace shows how much of a warrior she really is, just like Joan of Arc!

Ariana Grande: The Last Judgment

IG: @labyrinthofcollages

Michaelangelo’s painting of The Last Judgment covers the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. Taking over four years to paint, the beautiful fresco depicts the Second Coming of Christ and The Last Judgment by God.

Ariana Grande literally wore the Sistine Chapel on her Vera Wang dress. Like an artwork herself, the traditional pattern of the painting complemented the traditional style of her ballgown.

Rihanna: The Pope

IG: @labyrinthofcollages

The tiaras that Popes wear during their coronation until the 1960’s still remain to be one of the most controversial pieces in Roman Catholic history. The tiara is worn during formal ceremonial processions, but it was last used by Pope Paul VI in 1963.

Rihanna, a co-host of the Met Gala this year (along with Amal Clooney, Anna Wintour, and Donatella Versace), wore a beaded corset and a headdress reminiscent of the Pope’s mitre. She remains to be the best-dressed and the most talked about celebrity on social media during The Met.

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All art by @labyrinthofcollages from Instagram.