Using Metal Straws Won’t Help The Environment, But This Will:

The real perpetrators of the majority, if not all, of our pressing environmental problems, right now are in the hands of huge companies.

They continue to create and produce products with materials and process that are inherently harmful to the environment, not only months after its production but possibly decades and decades after.

The manner in which the discussions regarding environmentalism and rehabilitation is problematic in itself.

The responsibility is handed down to the consumers. It removes the accountability from companies that create the products themselves. Instead, the general attention averts to the surface level: individual consumption.

These large-scale companies have all the power and resources to show that they’re eco-friendly. From the nature of the product to the actual process behind the making of the product. However, what they do instead is capitalize on the increased environmental awareness of the general masses that can afford to. As more people educate themselves to some extent regarding the environment, companies find ways to benefit from this in a manner that doesn’t hurt their profits.

For example, metal straws have become the trending solution to the danger caused by the abundance of plastic straws.

While there is a positive impact of the use of metal straws over plastics, the problem lies in the persistence of harmful materials that are being used. While companies bring out products that are eco-friendly, some are still continuing the production of those that are not. This only perpetuates the misplaced guilt of consumers.

Not only does this help the real perpetrators get away with their crime, but it also hinders us from doing true environmental work.

Because the responsibility is handed to the consumers themselves, the initial immediate reaction is to stop or change consumption. However, most of the time, it stops there. Consuming more of these eco-friendly products give us an illusion that we have done enough. However, buying metal straws do contribute to some degree, but only a little, if not nothing. The aforementioned misplaced guilt creates a diversion from doing courses of action that can truly make a difference. One of which is resistance to the corporations that rule the world and simultaneously destroy it.

Complacency is a danger that humanity has been too accustomed to. 

Huge corporations take advantage of this vulnerability to their benefit. They distract consumers with financial capabilities with products such as metal straws as a means of comfort. That they have no need to do more. That they are doing enough. Consequently, this removes the narrative of the people who are not able to purchase and enjoy such luxury. Moreover, these are the people who are most vulnerable to the damage that such corporations perpetuate.

There is no issue behind the use of products such as metal straws. There is no doubt that it helps with the world’s general concern for the environment. However, we should not forget the overarching problem surrounding the continuous resurgence of pollution.

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