Pride In Celebration and Taking Action: What You Need To Know About Metro Manila Pride 2019

It’s that time of the year again where the rainbow flag is waved and the members of the LGBTQIA+ hold their head up high as they celebrate each other and march for acceptance and equality in the society.

Metro Manila Pride continues their annual march, which started back in 2017 to continuously support the community and provide a platform for them to be listened to and be heard. This year, it’s more than representation, but taking action for the rights of the community. There is strength in solidarity and strength in all colors. It’s time to take a stand, celebrate all identities and make pride happen.

Art by Brien Ventura

When and Where

  • The event will be held on June 29, 2019, at the Marikina Sports Center.

The Theme

  • The theme of this year’s pride march is “Resist Together,” which focuses on the importance of taking action on attaining the rights that the community deserves and the continuous fight against discrimination and oppression. If before, the LGBTQIA+  members were merely tolerated, this time, we rally for acceptance. “Standing strong and standing up for who we are is just the beginning. Together, we must act. This year, with the strength of all our colors — different but united in a common goal — we #ResistTogether.”

How to join the march

  • You can register as an individual or as a group by going to their website as well as get updates about the event.

How can you help?

  • Donate – The Metro Manila Pride Organization has opened a Pride Fund system through a GoGetFunding page to provide a safe and reliable way in helping the community take part in making the event a reality.  The goal amount of the organization is to raise PHP 375,000 in order for the event to happen.  The different packages for donations that you may choose from are PHP 300, PHP 1500, PHP 3000 or PHP 5000. Each donation package has a corresponding token in return such as a pin, stickers, a shirt, cap or tote bag. Check their website for the official link of the funding page.
  • Sponsor or Fundraise – To be an official sponsor or start an independent fundraiser for the event, you may contact the organization through their email or website.
  • Just join the march! Your presence during the march is already a big help to the community because it shows your support and solidarity, as well as how you’re willing to be educated.

What to prepare for the event

  • Your outfit – Express who you are and show your pride through what you’ll wear. Don’t be restrained to societal norms! Dress the way you want to and show the best you!
  • Pride Merchandise – Don’t forget to bring your Metro Manila Pride merchandise to support the cause. If you don’t have any yet, don’t worry because the organization will be selling at the venue itself and the proceeds will go to the organization that will directly help the community.
  • Water Tumbler – It’s going to be a long day and all queens and kings need to stay hydrated. Make sure you pack enough and it’s in a reusable container to avoid littering at the venue!
  • The Pride Flag – This is the day to raise it high so that everyone could see it. You are at the march for a cause so you should wave it with pride.

By joining the Metro Manila Pride, you use your voice to support and speak for the freedom of all identities and for those to come. Be courageous and inspire others to push for equality in the society, regardless of who they love or identify as. Share this post to invite your friends to Pride. See you there!