Millennials Are Trailblazers Of Progression And It’s Time To Take Them Seriously

Millennials comprise the majority, if not all, of the people who speak out about the problems in society.

From 1980 to 2000s, they are the ones born into the period of rapid change. The internet at a rise, and economic states of countries in shambles are what meets the millennial. Thus, it should come as no surprise that they are the ones who are the most vocal about the conditions of the world. They utilize the ease of information dissemination that comes with the rise of technology in order to impart positive social change.

A common misconception of the millennial generation is that they are too young.

There is an article that has garnered quite the attention on Twitter. Its title “Should we elect more Millennials to Congress?” has an impression of a typical Millennial-degrading article. It implies the idea of considering Millennials as people in power in a government. Although progressive and just, the notion is still met with dissent. This mostly originates from the undermining of millennials simply because they are that of a younger generation.

With all of these factors taken into account, it is inevitable that millennials will have different perspectives of the world and sets of priorities than the preceding generations.

They are the generation that will shape our future. They are the ones that will live through the legislation that baby boomers pass. Thus, they should be the ones to dictate how to govern their own generation. What should be considered when putting people in positions of power is their ability to live through the world they’ll be molding. Some of the problems lie with the old ages of current authorities. While their heads remain in the past, the world at its current state suffers.

The same treatments and opportunities that older people have should also be granted to millennials.

Sticking to tradition only perpetuates ignorance and the rejection of the notion of change. Millennials aren’t just 16-year-olds ranting on social media sites. They are also professionals qualified for the same positions as those of the older generations. Discrediting this reality is one of the many reasons there are barriers to progression set today.

What the older generations don’t realize is that things aren’t the same.

Most of the time, this aversion to accepting this is what hinders us from moving forward and being better. When the millennial generation uses their voice to speak out and demand the change they so desperately need, baby boomers deflect them and mark them as whiny. Millennials had been borne into a world where corruption, prejudice, violence, and capitalism are at an all-time high. Millennials have no option but to fight through the consequences brought about by these institutions and ivory towers. However, a defamation of their ideas and aspirations is what meets their demands for revolutionary change.

Nevertheless, what these obstacles show is this generation’s will and perseverance.

Despite the subversions, the Millennial generation continuously strives to impart these progressions. The barriers set by old perspectives and closed-mindedness are proof that the succeeding generations can only come out stronger.