5 Common Mistakes College Freshmen Do During Back To School Season

Going back to school is exciting. There’s the smell of brand new notebooks or the feel of your new bag to look forward to. But going back to school can be even more exhilarating if you’re moving up from senior high school to college.


But don’t get too excited! College is not at all what you expect it to be. Not everyone is nice and not all the people sitting in front will be the teacher’s pet. You’re probably going to make a lot of mistakes on your first day (or week, and maybe even month). But don’t worry! We got your back.

To keep you from making the same mistakes we did as college freshmen, we rounded up five of the most common mistakes that could brand you for the rest of your life.

Buying a binder


This one is probably on your list of things to buy for your first day of school. You probably even bought it already. Well, if you haven’t, you’re in luck. You just spared yourself some cash. Not every subject in college requires you a notebook. So to keep you from having unnecessary items in your bag (a binder can be heavy!), grab a cute little filler for your first-day notes before buying as told by your instructor or professor.

Looking for TBA


TBA does not exist because it means “to be announced”. So once you check your schedule and get a TBA for a room assignment, don’t go around asking where it is. You’re welcome.

Not knowing your professor

You all know what he says next… (via GIPHY)

There are many nightmare stories about mistaking a professor for a blockmate. It can’t be helped. Some professors are young enough to actually look like your classmate. But to keep yourself from doing this mistake, once you get ahold of your schedule, Google your professor’s name or look them up on Facebook. A life changer, I tell you.

Spending all that dime


Back to school can be really exciting and this causes us to spiral out of control when it comes to our allowance. No, your parents won’t give you extra dough if you spent it all up (at least not that easily) in one go. So if you’re thinking of hanging out with your newfound friends on the first day or eating all that fast food while staying in your dorm, don’t. Or at least don’t splurge. Spend your allowance wisely.

Trusting your upperclassmen


On your first day as a college freshman, your upperclassmen will probably go into your homeroom to do either one of two things: get you to join the organization. They could troll you into thinking they’re your professors or classmates just for fun. Speaking by the experiences of many who’s been on that freshman seat, don’t trust them so easily. From getting you involved with the beef of every block to university (maybe even national!) politics—you never really know what they’re getting you into until it’s too late.

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