Model Nikita McElroy Dishes Her Secret To A Flawless Skin

When you hear of the name, Nikita McElroy, people who know of her will introduce her as someone who was discovered in Davao. If you google her, the first thing you may notice is her eye catching afro, or perhaps her smooth olive skin. It’s only normal, because her Filipino – Black American heritage makes this hard to miss. But if you meet her in person, you’ll find out that those aspects are only secondary factors to her success as a model at the age of 23.

“I was discovered in a sari-sari store waiting for my friend to purchase something. It just so happened that my future agent was also in line. They saw me, and asked me if I was willing to model. My parents didn’t approve at first. I would say I had school on a Saturday, but the truth was I was going to castings.” Now she just laughs it off, but her mischief and talent has brought her a long way. Today, she’s based in LA and building her name in the modeling and fashion industry.

Nikita McElroy

Because she adjusts to different weathers, Nikita also learned how to take care of her skin properly through experience and testing out different products. Aside from a photoshoot, she generously gave us her time to share some of her beauty tips and the secrets behind her flawless skin.

Nikita doesn’t really layer on a lot of products when she’s in the Philippines. She goes with a more natural look, but when she’s in the States, she goes for “character” makeup looks. “I put on colored liner, colored lips, and glitters. Looks like that are more accepted in the States.”

Working in LA, Nikita’s exposure to cosmetics never falls short. “I drown with the makeup brands in the States. I shop a lot in Sephora.”

Nikita already stands out in a crowd thanks to her grounded personality amidst her modeling success, but that doesn’t daunt her from being more playful with her already eye catching aesthetic. We end our casual interview with her giving tips on what she’s most “maarte” with: her hair.

Nikita McElroy

She knows to be extra nurturing to her hair because of her experimental nature with hair color, and observes a strict hair care regimen.

“I use coconut mask three times a week.  I also use hair oil (from a beauty store in LA), which you can use before and after washing your hair. I use it overnight. The next day, even if I don’t put shampoo or conditioner, my hair’s still soft. I also stick with home remedies for my hair because it’s so expensive to have hair treatment in the States. A hot oil there is equivalent to four thousand pesos here. I prefer DIY.”

Nikita’s Go-to Brands

Nikita McElroy's Beauty Picks

“If we’re talking about a single brand I’d stick with, I would go for Nars, specially for coverage.”

Her skincare routine

Nikita McElroy's Beauty Picks
Celeteque Facial Moisturizer, Human Nature Balancing Facial Wash, Murad Balancing Moisturizer, La Mer Eye Concentrate, Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm

When in Manila… “I put moisturizer, twice a day. I give myself at least an eight hour gap in between putting it so it can set.”

When in LA… “The skin needs the alternating of products, because when your skin becomes immune to the product, then it won’t feel the effects of the product anymore.”

Nikita McElroy

This article was originally published on Vol. 2 of Meg’s June 2017 E-Magazine

Creative direction and styling: RJ Roque | Photography: Rxandy Capinpin | Art direction: Keziah Bigornia | Makeup: Hanna Pechon | Text: Therese Sta. Maria | Special thanks to Ms. Monina Tan Santiago of Ice Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship, Shangri-la Plaza