Momoland Shows Manila What They Are Made Of: Wit, Cuteness, and A Whole Lotta Talent

The wait was all worth it both for the fans and the members of Momoland. After releasing their first worldwide hit Bboom Bboom in January, the all-girl group is finally meeting one of their biggest fan bases in the world, the Philippines.

It was an undeniable talent. Momoland brought the cliché line “love at first sight” to life! When MC Park Joon-Hyung initiated the screaming for Momoland, the heat in The Theatre at Solaire intensified and the screams grew louder.

Even with their first few steps of the stage of The Theatre, it was pretty evident that they already captured the hearts of everyone.

It was the other way around. Manila was welcomed to the wonderful land of Momoland.

Momoland started their act with hit song Bboom Bboom, followed by JJan! Koong! Kwang! from the album Welcome to Momoland.

However, Merries from all over the world must know that Momoland dreams to hold concerts in different countries. Another wild dream is to open an amusement park named after their group! That, for sure, will be a sure-fire hit.

In the middle of the show, MC Park Joon-Hyung asked the girls to show their cute face for a whole five seconds. As expected, the girls are into it full time!

meg momoland cute face
Photo credit: Jerickson Abuel

Momoland continued enchanting the guests in The Theatre by performing Freeze, Wonderful Love, BAAM!, and an encore of Bboom Bboom.

The Theatre, packed with Merries, housed more than 1,700 guests, exclusively invited by Solaire Resort and Casino.
This event is an exclusive, invite-only show for the members and rewards card holder of Solaire Resort and Casino. Aside from exclusive offers and invites, rewards members will also experience the best shopping, dining, gaming, and leisure experience only at Solaire. Visit for more information.

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