Going to Momoland’s Show? Here’s How You Can Tell The Girls Apart

We are a sleep away until Momoland’s first ever show here in Manila. Well in case you have been on a Facebook cleanse and “Momoland” does not ring a bell, the group made it to fame with their hit songs Bboom Bboom and Baam; Both have been playing over and over in streets and in the radio.

But before you begin strutting all your moves in Bboom Bboom and Baam, here’s a little background check about the group.

Momoland is a 9-girl Korean pop group which debuted in November 10, 2016 and produced by MLD Entertainment in South Korea. On April 25 last year, the group announced their official fandom name; Merry Go Round, or Merries for short. From its namesake, Momoland relates their fandom to the amusement park ride which people do not pass-up riding. Not to mention that once you hop on it, you can’t get off of it. True to its name, Merries from all over the world cannot get off of the Momoland fever!

K-pop idols are also known for changing their appearance after every comeback. They usually change their makeup and hair color. If you are attending tomorrow’s show and not sure who to look at, here is our ultimate cheat sheet for tomorrow:


meg momoland nancy

The youngest member, Nancy, must be the most familiar Momoland member because she was once the talk of the town for her uncanny resemblance to the actress Liza Soberano. Nancy Jewel McDonie is half-American, half-Korean. She is Momoland’s visual and center. The 18-year-old speaks English but says she is more fluent in Korean. Nancy hosted the show Pops in Seoul, a Korean music show.

How to spot her tomorrow: Nancy is easy to spot. Look for Liza Soberano’s doppelganger who’s always in the center. Despite her viral green-haired photos, Nancy is back to her black hair.


meg momoland hyebin

HyeBin is Momoland’s group leader. Before the name “HyeBin”, she used the name “Cherry” as her stage name. HyeBin is the eldest in the group at 25 years old.

How to spot her tomorrow: As her usual, HyeBin is in her pixie cut with bangs.


meg momoland jane

Momoland’s Main Vocalist, Main Dancer, Sub Rapper. Jane is turning 21 in December.

How to spot her tomorrow: You’ll easily notice her in her long, orange hair that’s really popping even from afar. Also, since NaYun and Yeonwoo are not around, she will be the tallest in the group.

TaeHameg momoland taeha

Before stepping into the spotlight, TaeHa trained for 5 years and 4 months. She is currently 20 years old. TaeHa is one of Momoland’s main vocalist.

How to spot her tomorrow: TaeHa has long, black, wavy hair.


meg momoland daisy

Before the group debuted, MLD Entertainment started the reality show Finding Momoland in search of the members for the group. Unfortunately, Daisy was eliminated in the show but still ended up as part of the group. She is best in speaking English and also did hosting for Pops in Seoul with Nancy.

How to spot her tomorrow: Daisy is one of the smallest members of the group and is sporting her long dark brown hair.


meg momoland jooe

JooE also trended on Facebook because of her resemblance to President Duterte’s daughter, Kitty Duterte. JooE can basically do anything, she is the group’s lead dancer, lead vocalist, rapper, center, and face.

How to spot her tomorrow: She’s the only one with blonde hair. Period.


meg momoland ahin

Ahin usually hits the highest notes of their songs. Also, although she was born in Wonju, South Korea, Ahin lived in China for 11 years. Ahin is also multilingual: she speaks Korean, Chinese, and English, making her the translator of the group.

How to spot her tomorrow: Ahin is the shortest in the group. She is in her usual black, bob hair.


meg momoland nayun

She is the group’s vocalist and rapper. NaYun is on hiatus since the beginning of July because of her benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) NaYun is 20 years old.


meg momoland yeonwoo

Also the group’s visual and center, Yeonwoo also the lead rapper of Momoland. Yeonwoo raps verses that are really catchy. Aside from performing with Momoland, Yeonwoo will debut in her first acting role in a drama Great Temptation. Yeonwoo is the tallest in the group. Unfortunately, Yeonwoo will not be appearing in their show tomorrow. Yeonwoo is shooting in Maldives for another Korean reality-documentary show, Law of the Jungle that’s similar to Survivor US.

Are you ready to be a full-pledged Merry? Who’s your Momoland bias?