Why Does The Government Have A Habit Of Assigning Positions To Unqualified People?

Job seekers know how hard it is to be employed in our country.

Aside from the lack of job opportunities, companies require a long list of qualifications and documentary requirements from an applicant to be considered for an interview alone.

In the Philippines, the minimum requirement to have a decent job is a college degree. While established companies are asking for a minimum of 2-3 years work experience for a job with a salary grade fit for a fresh graduate.

Meanwhile, the current administration is repeatedly being questioned for appointing personalities in certain high-ranking government positions.

Just today, the President named radio broadcaster and newspaper columnist, Ramon Tulfo, as the Special Envoy for Public Diplomacy to China. A Special Envoy’s role is to address high-stakes conflicts with a degree of attention outside the capacity of the State Department and other regular bureaucratic structures.

This made people raise their eyebrows at the President once again for his choice of an appointee.

Just recently, Mon Tulfo was tagged in a mishap that occurred between him and the Philippine General Hospital. His attitude was even condemned by the government-run hospital for being arrogant. It is highly ironic that a controversial person would be appointed by the President for this position.

Also, let’s not forget, the appointment of sexy-dancer-turned-blogger, Mocha Uson, as the Communications Assistant Secretary. Often criticized not only by the people but other government officials as well for her misconduct.

But what really is the qualifications set by the President when appointing officials?

For a person to apply to be a government employee, they have to pass the Civil Service examination; a national qualifying exam for all the offices of the government. Aside from the typical requirements, an applicant also has to get civil service eligibility.

So with all these highly scrutinizing qualifications to be an ordinary government employee, why does it seem like our administration lacks a justifiable set of standards for its appointment of higher officials?

This issue is one of the many choices that are questionable with the administration. But it’s not as simple as it seems. Because these high-ranking officials are paid hundreds of thousands each month. And collectively, taxes coming from taxpayers are going to their pockets. What’s worse is that it almost feels equivalent to corruption because the people are getting less of the quality service that they are supposed to get by hiring these kinds of people.

As a Gen Z, what example does this administration set for our generation? If even our government—whose job is to bring progression to our country—has questionable choices in appointing high-ranking officials. How are we supposed to feel change if our country is on a downward spiral?

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