5 Movies You Should Not Watch With Your Mom On Mother’s Day

It’s mother’s day weekend! And you’re probably thinking of a last minute gift idea. Here’s one gift that your mom would totally appreciate: a movie date. Busy schedules could get in the way of some mother and child bonding and mother’s day is perfect to finally make it up to her.

But before you book that movie ticket, make sure you’re picking the right movie to watch with your mom. Some movies may seem friendly on the outside but will totally fail you as the film rolls. Worry not because we know the titles you should avoid in the cinema. Here are five movies you should not watch with your mom on mother’s day week:

Truth or Dare

Genre: Horror
Reason: The movie contains adult scenes that may be a little too awkward to watch with your mom sitting beside you.

Gonjiam Haunted Asylum

Genre: Horror
Reason: Found footage horror don’t always look good on the big screen (like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity). Don’t give your mom the headache in a supposedly relaxing day for her.

A Quiet Place

Genre: Suspense, Horror
Reason: “Why? It’s a family movie!” Yeah, but with monsters. This could actually qualify for a mother and child bonding movie but it could also make mom shriek and that’s not exactly what we want to happen on her day, right?

Avengers: Infinity War

Genre: Science Fiction, Action, Adventure
Reason: Unless your mom has been following the MCU movies (at least since the first “Avengers” movie), then you’d probably spend the whole movie explaining everything just to make her understand the events of the film.

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Deadpool 2

Genre: Family, Action, Adventure
Reason: Though Ryan Reynolds repeatedly said in every interview that Deadpool 2 is a family movie, you might want to look back at how he claimed the first movie to be a love story. Well, it is a love story—except a little too mature.

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featured art by: Brien Ventura