Nadine Lustre: The Importance Of Being Yourself In A Constantly Changing Industry

Nadine Lustre started wearing make up when she was sixteen years old. Joining showbiz at a young age was fairly difficult, especially because a lot of girls around her age wanted to be taken seriously as an actress too.

“Being in showbiz, you always have to look presentable. You have to look nice all the time,” Nadine on why she started getting into make up at sixteen.

Nadine also shared to MEG that being morena used to be her insecurity in the past, but as she grew up, she started becoming more confident in herself.

Standing out was definitely a challenge to her, but Nadine proves that standing out is possible by just being yourself.

Be Yourself

Nadine adds “Chief Creative Designer” to her ever-growing career titles. For the first time in history, the big Australian brand, BYS – which stands for Be Yourself- collaborates with a Filipina celebrity for a full make up line called Lustrous.

Make up enthusiasts and fans alike are anticipating for this collection that launches on April 15. But MEG got an exclusive look at the line and we can say that it is definitely worth the wait!

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“It’s nice because BYS and I have the same advocacy. It’s nice to be with a brand that inspires all the girls to be themselves,” Nadine says.

The Chief Creative Designer of Lustrous also shares that her love for make up is because it is her way of expressing herself. For her, make up is not to transform yourself, but to highlight the features that you like about yourself.

Nadine’s collaboration with BYS is proof of her continuous success. There’s nothing more humbling than knowing that people love you for your true self.

So you do you and be the best version of yourself like Nadine!