Nadine Lustre Reveals How She Gets Over Her Stage Fright

Nadine Lustre is everywhere right now! She’s the biggest celebrity in the country and there’s no doubt that it’s only just the beginning for her.

From being the cover star of MEGA this April, launching her own makeup collection with BYS, releasing her new songs, to being at every big event, this multi-hyphenate star is in her prime!

One would think that with all the projects she’s been exposed to, she would no longer feel nervous before appearing on stage. But even the famous Nadine Lustre gets stage fright too.

“It’s normal to get stage fright especially if you wanna do well,” She shares in an exclusive interview with MEG. “I’m very meticulous, but then at the end of the day, what’s more important is that you had fun.”

When asked how she gets over her stage fright, she reveals a touching fact about where she gets her confidence from.

“I just enjoy, usually I get my confidence from my audience,” Nadine said. “Mostly the Jadine fans would watch, I get my confidence from them.”

The support she gets from her fans surely is the biggest impact on why she keeps doing what she does. Her fans’ presence – both on social media and in person never ceases to show the dedication they have for Nadine.

But with every success, there will always be some people that want to bring her down. Nadine shares that she doesn’t intentionally read hate comments, but she still stumbles upon it on social media.

“Sometimes you can’t avoid it. It really pops up in my notifications,” Nadine admits.

Not to worry, though! Our girl remains unfazed.

“-but then it’s normal. I don’t really get affected by it.”