How Fans Broke Nam Joo Hyuk Out Of His Shell At The Penshoppe Fan Con

It’s no question that Nam Joo Hyuk has single-handedly stolen every Filipino’s hearts since we first saw him on Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. We have closely watched him take on new roles that, quite frankly, are completely different from the real Joo Hyuk.

This year, Penshoppe chose Nam Joo Hyuk, along with Sandara Park, to represent the local clothing brand and bring them to Manila for a FanCon.

But before Dara got her big break as a member of the hit group 2NE1, we remember her as our Pambansang Krung Krung. On the other hand, we have seen Nam Joo Hyuk in his breakout role as Joon Hyung in Weightlifting Fairy. But what is he really like when he isn’t playing a role?

The real Nam Joo Hyuk

If you have noticed from the many fan videos at the Penshoppe Fan Con this year, Joo Hyuk looked rather shy. During the press conference, he shared that he was a very chill person, which is why he appears to be quiet and timid.

Her co-endorser, Dara also added that he looked like the typical “supladong gwapo” celebrity, but upon getting to know him better, he was actually a nice guy.

Luckily, fans were able to see him break out of his shell in one precious moment at the Penshoppe Fan Con. The video of Joo Hyuk re-enacting a scene from WFKBJ with a fan went viral on Twitter.

Penshoppe posted the video with the caption, “Here’s a fan re-enacting a scene from Weightlifting Fairy with Joo Hyuk!”

The video showed the crowd screaming as a lucky fan chased Joo Hyuk across the stage. When he initiated the hand-holding and hugging, everyone just lost it because it wasn’t supposed to be in the scene! It was evident that Joo Hyuk enjoyed because he broke into a wide smile too.

At that moment, everyone wanted to be that lucky fan. Share this post if you wish you were her too!