Why Netflix ‘On My Block’ Needs A Second Season

Netflix released a coming-of-age show following a group of friends as they enter high school. Set in the South Central city of Los Angeles, the series focuses on the importance of friendship, family, and loyalty.

The show guarantees lots of laughter and butterflies in your stomach, but it also addresses heavy issues that actually happen in America. Gang life, gun control, and immigration are just some of the issues tackled in the show.

Not only did it capture the diversity in America- with the main cast being entirely blacks and Latinos- but it also paved the way for awareness that their situation is the cruel norm in America.

Zillennials will relate

As the squad enters life in high school, many zillennials will be able to relate to the struggles of being a teenager and keeping a good reputation.

On My Block starts off hopeful. Like any teen, they dream of a good life out of their toxic neighborhood once they enter college, but before that, they have to deal with high school first.

What will really get you hooked though, is the romance between Monse and Cesar. With just the right amount of angst and mutual pining, each episode will keep you on your toes. (I binged-watched this in only five hours.)

Why We Need A Season Two (spoilers ahead!)

It’s not every day that we get a show that properly represents the youth. It’s also rare that the main cast doesn’t include white people.

Unlike shows that claim to be ‘woke‘, On My Block doesn’t force issues down your throat with a social commentary.

I mentioned before that the story heavily tackles gun violence, but it was shown in a way that you’ll see how harmful it is when gun control isn’t contained and how dealing with drugs sometimes isn’t as simple as it seems. Another plot is immigration; how deportation tears families apart.

The show doesn’t address issues with one episode and moves on to the next. You’ll be seeing the character development of everyone, making it impossible not to grow attached to each one! (Yes, I’m talking about Ruby and Jamal; the most hilarious characters in the show)

Also, the romance between Monse (played by Sierra Capri), Cesar (played by Diego Tinoco), and Olivia (played by Ronni Hawk) is something totally underrated. The cliche love triangle doesn’t take a typical turn where the two girls fight over the hunk. It shows how friendship is more important than love affairs. It doesn’t make you hate  Olivia either.

Lastly, the finale deceives us into getting a happy ending on the tenth episode, but there’s a huge cliffhanger that will get you screaming, crying, and begging for more.

Unfortunately, shows with an all-poc cast don’t always get the exposure they deserve. One of the writers for On My Block shared on Twitter that they need help getting the word out in order to have a second season.

It’s all about the views on Netflix, so if you also want a second season for ‘On My Block’, spread the word by sharing this post! #RenewOnMyBlock