Netizen Calls Out Dani Barretto For “Lying” About First Time Travel With Husband

After tying the knot with partner Xavi Paninilo, Dani Barretto has been enjoying the married life. Amid the pregnancy rumors, she has also been receiving a lot of flak after she claimed that she has never traveled alone with boyfriend Xavi before.

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A netizen commented on Dani’s honeymoon post on Instagram, “You are telling everyone na it’s your first time to travel together but we saw you both last year sa Anvaya Cove,”

Anvaya Cove is a beach nature club in Morong, Bataan.

Dani explained: “Never ako nagmalinis. Kahit mag back track ka pa ng posts ko, Xavi and I did travel together before. And there are a lot of Instagram posts to prove it. My mom always had that rule, just like what I said in that video, “Pasaway lang talaga ako,” until I realized she was right. Ever since then, Xavi and I never traveled again. This Osaka trip is the first time I’m traveling again. And this time, we’re married already. Just how it should be,”

Dani Barretto

What do you think? Was Dani wrong to say it was their first time even though it’s not?

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