Netizens Outraged Over PBB Harapan

Pinoy Big Brother is nearing their end, the stakes are now higher. The remaining housemates underwent ‘Tapatan’ wherein they get grilled by former housemates about their attitude and performance inside the PBB House. Related: The Most Scandalous PBB Moments Ever  However, netizens were quick to react that the former housemates have become too hostile, and was just using harapan to bully the housemates, especially Lou Yanong. It can be remembered that Lou and Andre received criticisms from the public and fellow housemates for making out inside the PBB House. According to the viewers, the Tapatan has become an avenue to attack the housemates, rather than assess them if they’re deserving to be in the big four. Here are some of the sentiments of PBB fans:

 PBB Tapatan PBB Tapatan PBB Tapatan PBB Tapatan PBB Tapatan What do you think? Should PBB have been more careful about giving this power to the former housemates? Read more: