Lady Has a New Gender-Bending Bestfriend in ‘Lady and the Tramp’ Remake!

Great news for all Disney Classics fans! It’s time to move the spotlight from all the princesses and be pup-ared for The Lady and the Tramp‘s live-action reboot!

But before all that, can we take a moment to remember this iconic romantic spaghetti scene from the Lady and The Tramp? We used to dream for a moment like this!

meg lady and the tramp
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After 23 years, everyone’s favorite *puppy* love movie will have a re-cast and a gender-bending new character! It’s time to  reintroduce the characters and the voice actors and actresses of the Lady and the Tramp’s live-action film:

Jock, now Jackie

meg jackie lady and the tramp

Now here’s the surprise: Jock, the Scottish terrier who Lady considers her trusty friend, is now named Jackie in the remake. Jackie will be voiced by Emmy-nominated actress Ashley Jensen. Ashley starred in the TV series Ugly Betty and Extras.


meg lady of lady and the tramp
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Lady is the dog of Jim Dear and Darling. This demure and rich Springer Spaniel falls in love with Tramp. As of this moment, there’s no confirmed news on who will voice the ever-so-loving Lady.


meg tramp of lady and the tramp

Tramp, AKA the stray dog who won over the heart of Lady will be voiced by Charlies Angels actor, Justin Theroux.


meg darling lady and the tramp

Lady’s owner, also known as Darling, will be voiced by the actress, Kiersey Clemons. Kiersey also starred in Disney’s Shake It Up and Neighbors 2.

Unfortunately, we are not seeing Lady and the Tramp live-action film on the big screen. Instead, Disney is releasing the film through their own streaming app, Disney Life, which will launch in the US in 2019. Last March, the Philippines is one of the first countries to launch the Disney Life app, along with the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

In addition to this, Disney is also planning to make five more movies that will exclusively be released on the Disney life app! Now THAT is exciting.

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