Why New Hope Club Is Only Gonna Soar Higher

When we think about boy bands, especially the ones with pretty faces and cool hair, we remember a time when we were obsessed with them. Some of them were boy groups who sing and dance, while the others were actual bands that played instruments–and they just so happened to be made up of boys.

These bands have passed through our lives and made an impression in our hearts and minds, while some vanished mindlessly as we grew up. The recent reunion of the Jonas Brothers reminded us of the impact these boybands left us and how one song could get us back together again. And it made me wonder: how long can a boyband stay together?

I, for one, am admittedly a hopeless fangirl. I’ve been through the phase that made fan accounts on Twitter, saved up my allowance to buy concert tickets, and stayed up all night to watch live streams of my favorite boys goofing off. I also know the feeling of spamming them for a follow and crying over one of them leaving the band. Ahem, I’m looking at you, Zayn Malik. 

But over time, I’ve come to accept that boy bands come and go. But the good ones stay in your heart forever. Which is why memories with these people we love and adore are so important.

new hope club x meg magazine

New Hope Club has been on our radar to become the next band that will capture teenage hearts.

One of the most talked about new bands in the world is New Hope Club. With almost 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, 50 million global streams and half a million YouTube subscribers, New Hope Club is poised to take over in 2019.

The British band, with a growing following in the Philippines, released their brand-new single Permission. The song has already topped the Philippine radio charts since its release and is surely set to fly the local radio waves in the coming weeks.

On Blake: Top, polo, and pants from Forever 21. On George: Top and jacket from Forever 21. Pants from Pull&Bear.

As 2/3 of New Hope Club return to Manila for the second time, following their successful mall showcase early last year, the Filipino fans were more than excited to see them again. These kinds of fan events are the reason why bands like New Hope Club keep soaring higher. Their connection and sincerity with their fans keep them grounded, and in return, their fanbase continuously grow.

MEG asked fans why they loved New Hope Club and there was one common answer among all of them:

Because they make their fans feel loved.

It’s not just all-talk with them. Reece Bibby, Blake Richardson, and George Smith are quite active on social media. They make sure to be present in their fans’ lives by engaging with them every day. Knowing that connection with their fans is important, they make it a point to go online, interact with their supporters, and cover songs every now and then for the fans to enjoy.

While we were bummed that Reece couldn’t join us because he had to recover from an ear infection, MEG was more than lucky enough to meet 2/3 of this rising band.

Blake Richardson and George Smith

Top and pants from Forever 21. Jacket from Pull&Bear.
Top, pants, and jacket from Pull&Bear.

You see, if you were a fangirl, you would know how different it is to be near your idols and actually get to hang out with them. It’s as amazing as–if not more than–watching a concert for the first time. That’s why we wanted to bring in some of the biggest fans in the Philippines to sit down and talk with Blake and George about their music and the things they enjoy doing.

Watch their interview with Arianne Harn here:

and of course, we didn’t forget about the fans that couldn’t make it to the MEG studio. Watch out for the video where George and Blake answer your Twitter questions and another where they attempt to speak Filipino slangs here:

Up-close and personal, these two boys have much more to offer than their music, because they have hearts worth stanning and a fandom worth joining.

As they continue to soar high in the charts, they’ll surely be taking your hearts with them too.

New Hope Club isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The band is set to go on tour this year. Here’s to hoping they come back complete this time around!

Keep posted for more of our exclusive videos of New Hope Club here. 

Photo by Floyd Jhocson
Art by Ellen Manalang
Art Direction by Suzanne Allbabidi
Styling by Aldrin Ramos
Makeup by Eman De Leon (for Blake) and Janell Capuchino (for George)
Hair by Justine Ocampo