The New Spider-man PS4 Game is Better Than We Expected

The latest videogame featuring our friendly neighborhood, Spider-Man got both fans and gamers excited.

We’ve seen Marvel’s iconic comic book superhero Spider-man in every form of media possible. From comics, TV series, and various movie and video game adaptations, Spider-Man has been an essential part of our childhood up until now.

Last September 7, Insomniac Games released the much-awaited Marvel’s Spider-Man. And based on its critical reception, this might just be the web-slinging hero’s best video game yet.

The exclusive PS4 game has already got the fans excited upon its announcement last 2016. The game finds Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, as the crime-fighting hero of New York City for eight years. The much older Peter is now working as a lab assistant for Dr. Otto Octavius. Peter tries to balance his personal life and protecting his loved ones and the city while fighting his iconic enemies such as the Sinister Six.

In this open-world superhero experience, the game was praised for its interesting and strong storytelling equipped with heart-pounding action. And here’s every reason why it’s truly worth the hype:

The graphics are definitely on point.

One might first notice how spectacular the game’s graphics are. From the realistic depiction of the city, the textures of suits, and even the tiniest detail such as body hair, the graphics looked so real that it can pass as a movie still from its cinematic counterpart.

The game’s web-swinging is one of the best parts.

It was able to capture Spider-man’s iconic web-swinging ability. Swinging around the city really makes you feel like Spidey. (Photo Source)

There’s a huge variety of suits to choose from.

The game features different suits such as the Iron Spider from Infinity War, the Homemade suit from the Homecoming movie, and other notable suits from the comics such as the Noir suit, Secret War suit, and the Spider-punk suit. Each suit has also its own special abilities. (Photo Source)

Have fun at finding all the game’s Easter eggs.

The game sneaked in some Marvel references. One may find Daredevil’s law firm, Jessica Jones’ private detective office, Sanctum Santorum from Doctor Strange, and even the Embassy of Wakanda while playing. (Photo Source)

Yep, you can take a selfie.

Probably the most fun feature of the game is its photo mode which allows you to take selfies! You can even get creative with your selfies by choosing the perfect location or even decorating it with stickers. (Photo Source)

The game just proves that Spider-Man is one of best superheroes ever.

Apart from the thrilling action and amazing game experience, we still see Spider-man’s kind heart and funny personality that we all loved.

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