Zillennial Trend Alert: Sneaker Laces Tied Around The Ankles?

We used to go through all these lengths trying to hide our shoelaces inside our sneakers because it wasn’t cool to be tied out in the open. Before, wearing your sneakers neat and lace-less was the trend, but now we’re spotting a new one.

From ugly-cute grandpa sneakers, Zendaya and Kaia Gerber are showing us how to wear our shoelaces…

Ankle Laced Sneakers

We’ve always known that Zendaya and Kaia Gerber could pretty much rock everything they wear and make it ten times cooler.

We remember our grade school days when we used to have shoelaces that were too long, so we had to tie it around our ankles so that we wouldn’t trip. People laughed at us and said it was “ugly.” But guess what people? It’s finally cool now!


At a Roses In Concrete event last March 20, Zendaya expressed her support for the community school in her hometown, Oakland. This 21-year-old zillennial won our hearts as she expressed support to a culturally-infused education. To share some of her wisdom and passion, she had a talk on stage where we could clearly see what she was wearing.

Her yellow suede sneakers from Puma was a pop of color in her monochromatic outfit, but what we noticed was how she tied her shoelaces.

This definitely isn’t a new thing, but we can totally see this being acceptable to wear in public.

Kaia Gerber

This 15-year old ‘It Girl’ stepped out in a laid back style. She wore an oversized hoodie, distressed denim shorts, and white high-top converse. It’s a pretty normal outfit, except her shoelaces were tied around the ankles.

The bows tied neatly in front of her ankles make this trend super cute! Don’t you think?

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