Let’s Talk About The Song That Niall Horan Wrote In Just 15 Minutes

The dome where thousands of devoted fangirls gathered together for one night echoed deafening screams of love for the man standing in front of them. With a guitar in his hand and wearing a smile they have known for seven years, he asks the crowd to keep their phones in their pocket and close their eyes.

Niall Horan steps behind the microphone and says, “I would like to sing this one for you.” On cue, the lights began dimming and the crowd miraculously fall silent.

Most things that turn out beautiful aren’t planned. It isn’t forced. And it comes over you like a rushing wind.

During his soundcheck, he says that the song Flicker only took him 15 minutes to write.

Niall’s confession of how much the song means to him undoubtedly reflects in his music. There isn’t a fan that isn’t touched by Flicker, and sure enough, it was a no-brainer that the title of his debut album as a solo artist was going to be that.

The day his album came out, Niall shared on Twitter the passion poured into his new music. He says that it’s the first time he has put his thoughts and emotions on paper and on record.

Eight months later, he’s performing in an arena full of thousands of people who adore him.

It all worked out

Started as a 16-year-old boy from Mullingar, Ireland, with his crooked teeth and a laugh that lights up the whole room, he chased his dreams with four boys he called his brothers. One Direction was the making of his career. Now, on his own, we get to see another side of Niall – a more intimate one at his Flicker World Tour.

Stripped from the boyband image, Manila last night has seen Niall the way he wants to be seen. Phones were tucked away as the crowd just listened to his voice, the violin in the background adding to the vulnerability of the moment. Fans collectively shed tears and sang along.

And just like that, “please don’t leave” has a whole other meaning.


Niall’s song has a different effect on each fan. The beauty of it is not by Niall’s meaning, but how it translates to the people he sings it for. And at that moment in MOA Arena, the song was for us.

“Then I think of the start and it echoes a spark. And I remember the magic electricity. Then I look in my heart, there’s a light in the dark. Still a flicker of hope that you first gave to me that I wanna keep. Please don’t leave.”

Personally, the song will never sound the same to me again. When it was announced that Niall would be coming back to the Philippines on June 10 for his Flicker World Tour and that he would be opening tickets for a meet and greet, I had no second thoughts on spending my savings. After all, my fangirl self only wanted to work immediately just so I could afford a ticket when the time comes.

And so it did.

The song played when I was in line for the ticket selling, thinking the tickets were already unavailable. The lyrics hit me like a firetruck and I started bawling my eyes out until it was my turn to buy a ticket. Turns out, there was indeed a flicker of hope for me. I didn’t leave the line in hopes of getting a meet and greet.

Fast forward to several months later…

My teenage self would be so happy for me.

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