How Something As Simple As Hair Could Make Or Break Self-Confidence

An optimistic, blindly motivational person once told me that physical beauty doesn’t matter because it’s what on the inside that counts.

But in a society where beauty has become a currency, it’s pretty inevitable to be judged based on how you look. Of course, beauty is only considered a first impression but it’s no secret that first impressions drag on. And more often than not, the only chance we get is first impressions. From applying for a job position to auditioning for a role, looking attractive is one of the most valuable attributes in this society.

That’s why it’s so important for practically everyone to look beautiful all the time. The way we look impacts our day-to-day living; how we get along with people in our social and professional lives. Of course, beauty is pretty much subjective. But no person sane enough wouldn’t want to have a clear complexion, a good body, and silky hair. Hence, we consume makeup products, dermatology appointments, surgeries, and salon treatments just for us to reach these standards of beauty. I believe it’s what we call beauty self-esteem.

But isn’t it ironic how we put so much effort into beautifying ourselves yet it’s also the reason why we’re so insecure?

When I was 10 years old, I started being aware of what I looked like. My teachers and classmates would point out how unruly my hair was.

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Since then, I have become so insecure about my wavy hair. I tried treatments that would make my hair less frizzy and puffy. Hot oil treatments, hair masks, Brazilian blowouts… It was all just too unnecessarily expensive for something temporary.

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And then I tried cutting my hair really short just to get the burden out of my way, but more people pointed out how they liked my hair longer. So I let it grow and I straightened it every day before going to school.

I’ve realized how hair plays such a big part in my beauty self-esteem because it could drastically change how I look. Good thing? Bad thing? Who knows.

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Through the years of finding what works well for my hair, the cheapest and easiest products to apply are shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. Currently, I’ve been using the new Palmolive Expertique Revitaliste hair products. And so far, my hair has been easier to tame every day. My waves feel softer after using the hair mask and it looks shinier after applying the anti-frizz serum.

One thing I’ve come to realize though is that self-confidence could transform you too.

With so many things to put into consideration while making ourselves look beautiful, it’s quite comforting to know that something as simple as a good hair day could do wonders with boosting my confidence.