#PBB8BadJoke: Why Rape Jokes Aren’t Funny At All

Pinoy Big Brother: Otso has recently force-evicted Banjo Dangalan, a 27-year-old housemate from Quezon City a.k.a the “Funny Fighter ng Quezon City” for taking his jokes out of line and for his inappropriate actions.

In the recent episode of the reality TV show, Pinoy Big Brother, Banjo Dangalan joked during their breakfast about how he would take advantage of a fellow housemate, Gino Roque, while asleep. He even went as far as saying that Gino would wake up “na wala ng saplot.”  Meanwhile, the female housemates were uncomfortable as the conversation went on.

Disturbed over the dirty jokes, the housemates Diana Mackie, Jamie Salenga and Franki Russel opened up to each other about it, saying that they felt uneasy around Dangalan. He has previously been called out for his actions such as sniffing other female housemates’ hair.

A meeting with all of the housemates was then made to talk about the unsettling issue. They confronted Dangalan about their concerns and he owned up to his mistakes and apologized. However, Big Brother points out that rape jokes are not tolerated inside the house. Such actions have its own consequences and Banjo Dangalan received his.

ICYM8: Banjo, pinatawan ni Kuya ng Forced Eviction

Dahil sa sunod-sunod na paglabag ni Banjo sa patakaran sa loob ng Bahay ni Kuya, humantong si Big Brother na patawan ito ng Forced Eviction.Panoorin ang buong kaganapan na 'yan sa #PBB8BadJoke RITO:

Posted by Pinoy Big Brother Abs-Cbn on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

This episode of Pinoy Big Brother has given the Filipino society a chance to delve deeper into the conversation of the prevailing rape culture and sexual harassment here in the country.

Rape culture is when women and men continuously receive threats of violence, ranging from sexual remarks to sexual touching, to rape itself, as a normal occurrence. Rape culture is increasingly tolerated in the country. The conversation with Diana, Jamie, and Franki about how they were afraid to speak up about the issue proves it.

The female housemates did not want to speak up because they thought that was just being “hypersensitive” and judgmental.  In a rape culture, the identity of a woman is also being born into a world controlled by men, thus having the woman consider not only herself in her decisions, but also the other gender. 

In order to stop enabling such actions, conversations like these need to be taken seriously.

It can change the dangerous misogynistic view that is deeply rooted in society. By holding people accountable, they could be educated to change their ways. Diana’s statement when her other housemates were afraid to confront Banjo for his actions should be taken notice as she says:

“If we’re feeling uncomfortable, we have the right to say something… We can’t just raise issues and not do anything.”

Because of the recent events, Dawn Chang and Tommy Esguerra’s conversation during Pinoy Big Brother 7 resurfaced. In this video, Tommy argues with Dawn about her revealing clothes.

Tommy points out how Dawn, saying she is not interested in a guy when she wears dresses that show her legs, is giving the wrong idea. Tommy then goes on to justify his actions by saying that men can’t help but think that way.

The becoming of a woman is dictated by how the world treats her–how the world of man treats her. How a woman acts is equalized to how she wants people to treat her. For example, if the woman treats herself jokingly, then men will treat her as a joke. Men always survey woman first rather than treating them as someone who deserves equal treatment. Dawn claps back at the statement of Tommy, stating a fact that everyone should remember:

“You should take responsibility for your actions. If you think I’m sexy, thank you very much. If you feel tempted by what I wear, that’s your problem, not mine. I could wear whatever I want to wear.”

The forced eviction of Banjo Dangalan showed how people must be accountable for their actions and accepts its consequences. Banjo already delivered an apology to his housemates and to Big Brother for the things he had done.  But him being evicted has shown on nationwide television that these types of jokes should be taken seriously.

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