PDEA To Shanti Dope: Write Songs Aligned With Drug War

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has urged rapper Shanti Dope to write songs that are more aligned with the government’s drug war.

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PDEA has called on Sean Patrick Ramos, better known as Shanti Dope, to create more songs that is more in line with the current government’s war on drugs. This comes after the government agency called for a ban on the rapper’s song “Amatz“. The agency deemed that the song is a bad influence to the youth for “promoting drug use”.

In an interview with CNN Philippines’ The Source, PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino expressed his wish for Shanti Dope to create more songs that will further the efforts of the government’s war on drugs. “Sana makagawa siya ng music naman na ito ay aligned sa war on drugs natin. Sana makakabuti sana na gumawa siya ng kanta na para sa mga kabataan na hindi yung nag-popromote na something bad.”

Shanti Dope’s management previously responded to PDEA’s initial call to ban “Amatz“. They told the agency to give the song a full listen before misinterpreting the lyrics.

A group called Concerned Artists of the Philippines have criticized PDEA for making the move to ban the song. Through a lengthy Facebook post, the group has called on the government agency to “crack down on drug lords instead of songs”.

Do you think that the song “Amatz” promotes drug use?

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