Pedophiles Want To Join The LGBTQ+ Community But It’s A NO From Us

An article by Attitude has gained quite the attention on Twitter.

The subject in question is pedophilia and their demand for acceptance. Moreover, they associate themselves with the LGBTQ+ community because, for them, they have more similarities than the community would like to admit. They even went as far as referring to themselves as MAPS or Minor Attracted Persons. That didn’t stop there, unfortunately. They even created their own rainbow flag just in time for Pride.

Pedophiles will not and should not gain legitimacy and acceptance as they hinge on minorities such as the LGBTQ+ community.

Their attempt at grabbing normalization of their actions only propagates predatory behaviors. It is impossible for a child to give consent to a much, much older person. To press this even further, they have no knowledge of consent, and what they’re even consenting to.

Rage has spread all over Twitter towards the revolting news, and it does not go unjustified.

They attempt at earning sympathy from society, and empathy from the LGBTQ+ community simply because supposedly the both of them are minors. However, the similarities between the two groups of people stop at the discrimination acted against them. Even then, the nature of the prejudice for the two are essentially nuanced. The LGBTQ+ community have always fought for their right to be treated equally. The attraction they feel for the same or all genders all entail consent among adults. On the other hand, pedophilia is between two parties wherein the other is unable to provide consent.

Pedophilia isn’t a sexuality, nor is it love. It is a disorder. 

It is not a ‘lifestyle.” Most of the time, these cases don’t necessitate action. It’s also not a choice. It is a condition of being sexually attracted to prepubescent children, a disorder. It’s something that deserves treatment and attention. However, the kind of attention they are demanding is that of acceptance. That shouldn’t be the case.

The fact that they associate themselves with the LGBTQ+ community harms not only the community, but the people outside as well.

It normalizes a power dynamic that necessitates force and coercion. There is no real consent that the victim can provide. With even just a tiny consideration of giving sympathy to pedophiles provides a space for those who commit crimes like them–rapists. The two are similar because of the lack of consent. Moreover, this only perpetuates the notion that the LGBTQ+ community are people whose sexual attractions are unjustified and wrong. However, this isn’t the case for the gays. They have fought for their rights, and made noise for people to understand that they are valid. Thus, for pedophiles to create such a grab for acceptance devalues that movement.

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