People Are Not Too Happy About Kylie Jenner's Birthday Collection

kylie cosmetics birthday collection After giving hints about her upcoming birthday collection, Kylie Jenner finally released her new eye shadows, lip kits, highlighters and more, which are all housed in glittery millennial pink packaging.

Birthday Book <3

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The liquid lipsticks came in nude to bright shades, while the eyeshadows are a perfect combination of golds, purples, and coppers. There was also a rose gold highlighter and peach blusher called the “Birthday Book”. And for the most exciting part of the collection, the line also came with a limited edition “Birthday Vial”–a diamond-encrusted liquid lipstick.

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The collection sold out a day after its official launch, but most people aren’t too happy about Kylie Cosmetics’ direction, price-wise. Fans expressed their dismay on social media when the brand posted a full price list on Twitter. Some items are being called “overpriced”. Would you purchase a makeup bag worth $36? Or a Birthday Book that comes with a $54 price tag? 

Although despite the uproar, Kylie Jenner’s makeup line still continues to be a sell out. A restock of the Birthday Collection is happening today (and it won’t probably will not be the last).

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