What Does The Philippine Independence Day Mean For Our Generation?

June 12 — The Philippine Independence Day, is a national holiday commonly remembered because it suspends work or classes. But why is it so important to give our attention to what this day really means?

The day June 12 is already as controversial as it is since the country didn’t actually gain independence on that day. Here’s a quick crash course first on our beloved history…

Emilio Aguinaldo declared the country’s independence from Spain on June 12, 1898

So yayyy, we celebrate because the Spaniards are finally leaving us alone. BUT jokes on you because here comes the Americans to take their position, so here we are being colonized AGAIN.

The day that we actually gained our true independence and our national sovereignty was on July 4, 1946 which YET AGAIN IS NOT REALLY ACCURATE. The war still happened and the Tydings-Mcduffie Act wasn’t fully ratified yet.

July 4 was chosen because America wanted us to be #matchies with their own independence day. It was later on changed into June 12 during the term of President, Diosdado Macapagal since it was also considered as Flag Day.

But even with that already confusing and inaccurate date of our independence day, the important keyword here is still ‘Independence’ that the Philippines gained.

This day is not only a commemoration of those who died for the country but it serves as a reminder for the journey that Filipinos have gone through in order for us to claim our land as our own and gain the rights that we deserve.

The country has endured so many revolutions, though we weren’t always the victor. The Filipinos did, however, fight their hardest each time for the country they’re willing to die for. If the Filipinos before turned a blind eye towards the injustices and abuse that were happening, then we would still be experiencing the same thing until today.

With that being said, aren’t we obligated to do the same for future generations?

Atty. Chel Diokno, a candidate in the recent senatorial elections delivered a speech in his visit today at Ateneo High School about the importance of the coming Independence Day and its meaning to the younger generation.

“The country is now yours. Kayo na po, ang kabataan, ang may-ari ng bayan. You are not just the hope of the Philippines, you are the Philippines… youth is the power of the Filipino people and history can attest to that.”

“I do not believe wisdom comes with age. Wisdom comes from the heart. It doesn’t matter how old you are…it is time to stand for what is right.”

Our national identity is currently at stake as history tries to repeat itself but as Atty. Chel Diokno has stated, we have the power to stop that from happening.

This is the day we reignite what is deeply embedded in ourselves as Filipinos: to fight for what is right for the country and our fellow countrymen.

The saying, “as long as a Filipino lives, the country lives” will forever hold true. Let this coming Independence Day remind us that we must protect our country and protect our freedom–no matter what it takes.

Happy Philippine Independence Day! Don’t forget to remember what this celebration really signifies. Share this article to remind others as well!