You’ll Never Guess What Mark Nicdao Used To Produce These Amazing Pictures!

One of the best fashion photographers in the Philippines, Mark Nicdao, presents a series of incredible pictures in MEGA’s #LifeInStyle event today, February 23 at SM Aura Premier.

This renowned photographer’s pictures of stunning models, breathtaking scenery and heartwarming candids are taken only on an iPhone!

He gives a glimpse of his work through the #MegaStyleShotOniPhone exhibit right outside Power Mac Center.


Mark Nicdao is a Visual Communications graduate from the University of the Philippines. Just like any of us with a dream, his career starts from a humble beginning as a photographer’s assistant.
His career grew into what it is now because of the experience and insights that he learned in being a photographer’s assistant.
Mark built a remarkable reputation and portfolio through his captivating style.
MegaStyle’s new cover girl by Mark Nicdao.

His unforgettable works, including the next issue of MegaStyle with Mari Jasmine unequivocally manifests his name as the Philippines’ premiere photographer.

Can you believe that these were all shot on iPhone? It only goes to show that if you’re passionate about photography, starting small can take you a long way.

You don’t have to get fancy lenses and a full set up to achieve your legendary shot. All you need can already be right inside your pocket!