#Pride: How To Spread Positivity Amidst Prejudice and Discrimination

Over the years of living in constant fear and hatred, the world grows more violent. As we gear towards a more tolerable society, we can’t deny that individuals still find it difficult to come out.

A series of misfortunate events such as bomb threats, massacres, and brutal shootings have been happening nowadays. The downfalls caused by mental breakdowns more visible — all because of the judgement and internal prejudice the society have set upon us.

Discrimination has been surrounding the world. Hundreds of individuals are becoming more afraid to come out each day. Instead of bearing light to the world, they’ve been caged in the shadows, frightened enough to stay there unless the world they envisioned would happen.

The world is supposed to be a free space for everybody – free to try and free to live.

It is not a secret that common gender roles have been utilized as a reason for gender inequality. We have to think about that imbalance and not deny that contrasts in sexual orientation exist.

Individuals should be able to express themselves freely without the validation of others.

That is why it is a very important to keep in mind that the opinions of others shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Carrying the burden of hurtful words is just a mere challenge for you to surpass in order to achieve the inner peace that you want.

The stones thrown at you are not symbols of your false becoming, they are merely bricks for you to build a castle where you can express the royalty within you.

Start with doing little things that could help ease up those individuals struggling to stay visible despite their differences. Help them try to speak up themselves with your encouragement. Once you’ve found enough courage to speak your mind, the people who matter will stand with you.

June has been an important month for the LGBTQIA+ community for almost five decades. Because of Pride Marches, we unite to fight for a common goal; acceptance and respect.

#PrideMonth has been an annual celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community. This very month, we advocate equal rights. Ever since the The Stonewall Riot – the first and start of Pride March, Pride was always meant to bring together people for love and equality. It was meant to help us rise despite the differences the society labeled upon us.

No matter how hard it is for you to be yourself again, always remember that you are human too. Your sexuality does not make you undeserving of love and respect.