Pride Is More Than Just A Trend Of Rainbows and Unicorns

LGBTQ+ Pride was borne from the injustices and discrimination brought upon to the community.

It’s a political movement that voices out the demands of the community for equal rights and treatment. The marches and the movement hadn’t always been unicorns and rainbows and face paints.

There had been a time when gay people being true to themselves was illegal.

That being attracted to people of the same gender, dressing up in unconventional outfits, and even simply supporting someone who do these things had been looked down upon. Hatred was so rampant to the point of inflicting violence and death onto those people.

Thus, it’s truly a momentous occasion for both the LGBTQ+ community and outside that we can all come together as one. This is not to discredit the struggles of the community in order to achieve this progression. It’s also important to note that being exclusive only propagates the divide separating the community and others. Pride Month aspires to enlighten people that members of the community are human beings who are not that different from them.

People at Pride shouldn’t complain that there were straight people attending the event.

The fact that there had been people outside the community should be celebrated. There are a number of implications that come with it. One of which is that they don’t feel ashamed for being affiliated with the LGBTQ+ community. The simple act of attending showcases the support they have for them. It’s also telling of how they perceive the community: that there’s nothing they’re not worthy of. That they’re the same people that should be given the same rights to live the way they want to.

The hashtag #RiseUpTogether truly encapsulates the essence of Pride.

Coming out to the world and demanding the same rights are some of the few initial steps. But propagating change and movement with the people outside of the community is another thing. Thus, the theme for this year’s pride march aspires to start up this change. Seeing a huge turn up in the event serves to be an inspiration to us and the future generation. That there is still hope for acceptance and humanity. And it’s up to us to continue this path to progression.