QUIZ: Which Character From ‘Money Heist’ Are You?

Original art by @lucianorojasdigital

If you were in the heist, you would be...

What would you do with millions of dollars?

Would you join a heist and leave your current life if it meant getting millions of dollars?

If your leader asks you to shoot someone, would you do it?

You're being executed by your leader, what do you do?

You have to sacrifice your team to win the heist, would you do it?

You have to sacrifice yourself to win the heist, would you do it?

People's first impression of you is...

When people get to know you, they think you're...

Your hostages disobeyed you, what would you do?

Would you shoot the love of your life?

Are you the one that gives commands or follows the commands?

Do you usually get in trouble?

Which Character From Money Heist Are You?

You got the Professor! You're the mastermind of the heist and everyone respects you. You like to be in control and anticipating the future. For that, people see you as wise and dependable. Despite being the one everyone looks up to, you're a team player. You would never leave anyone behind and you would go through lengths to protect your team.

You got Raquel! You're the type of person who negotiates and values the greater good. You're fair and tough and people tend to underestimate you even though you've earned your rank. Because of that, you have a hard exterior so people won't mess with you. But despite the tough facade, you're actually a loving and caring person who would do anything to protect your family.

You got Tokyo! You're the baddest b and everyone knows that. You're reckless and impulsive, but you're more passionate than the rest. You speak up your mind without hesitations because you're not afraid of what everyone thinks. You love hard and your actions speak for your emotions. In the end, you always get what you want because you're fearless.

You got Rio! You have the looks of the nice and innocent kid, which makes you someone easily underestimated. However, you are tougher than you think and so much smarter than anyone in that heist. You have a strong will and a heart of gold that only beats for love. You might not know your worth yet, but keep going and you will see that you're indestructible.

You got Nairobi! You're the level-headed one in the team and you stand your ground when it's most needed. You don't let yourself be affected by pressure and you don't let anyone disrespect you–especially the patriarchy. You're a reasonable team player and you will do anything to win.

You got Berlin! You're the leader of the heist and the person who knows all the secrets to success. You're firm with your word and you love it when people pay you attention and respect. Because of your calm yet taunting nature, people are scared of you and what you can do. However, you would never let your team down and will never let pressure change the way of the game.

You got Stockholm! You're smart and charming, which easily makes you a target. You have a tendency to be naive, but you'll be surprised by how fearless you are when it comes to protecting yourself. You're stronger than you think and you have the guts to face extreme danger. Your main drive to surviving is actually because you love too hard. At the end of the day, the way to win your heart and loyalty is someone showing you compassion.

You got Denver! You're the gutsy one in the team and easily the best person to rely on when it comes to getting the job done. However, you're not just a blind follower. You have a temper that gets you carried when it comes to your decision-making. At the end of the day, what matters to you is protecting the ones you love. Behind that reckless personality is a person who yearns something worth more than money– family.

You got Helsi! You're more of a follower than a leader when it comes to the heist. You respect the leader and you stick to the plan. Most people are scared of you because you look big and tough, but in actuality, you're a soft teddy bear that cares for your team. You're quiet and obedient, and when the team needs you, you'll be riding in full force to get the job done.
You got Moscow! You're like the father figure of the team because you care for each one of the members. You're observant and sharp-tongued and you don't hold back from saying the truth even if it hurts other people. You're honest and see right through people's facade. You only have one goal, to give a better life for the people that you love. Even if it means sacrificing something that will hurt you forever.