18 Empowering Anecdotes And Tips From She Talks Asia Summit 2019

She Talks Asia is helping develop strong, empowered women through curating intelligent discussions on life, love, success, happiness, and mental health.

The media platform, She Talks Asia, believes in the power of recognizing one’s worth to be able to make impactful strides in any field future leaders choose.

The founders of She Talks Asia from left to right, Lynn Pinugu, Bianca Gonzalez, Victoria Herrera, and Iza Calzado. Photo Courtesy of She Talks Asia.

One of the Founders of She Talks Asia, Lynn Pinugu said, “When you’re young, it’s so easy to be taken advantage of.” And to help you avoid just that, we compiled the most compelling experience-based insights from the greatest Filipino artists, businessmen/women, and educators in the country and abroad.

1. “Checking social media should never be the first thing you do in the morning. Because that’s the last thing you want, to have that feeling of self-doubt or insecurity creep up on you.” – Iza Calzado (Actress, Co-Founder of She Talks Asia)

2. “Learn how to say no and this is for self-preservation. So, you can be the best version of yourself.”  Dr. Geraldine Zamora (Doctor of Internal Medicine)

3. “When we stop judging ourselves, we stop judging others.” – Iza Calzado (Actress, Co-Founder of She Talks Asia)

4.  “List things down in terms of what’s urgent and not urgent.”  Winnie Wong (Graphic Designer and the Co-Founder of Future Faces Manila)

5. “Most of the time you can’t control what you feel, you can’t control your thoughts. When feeling down and anxious, get active, get moving whether that is going out, go to a gym or go for a walk just to shift your attention.” – Arriane Serafico (Founder of the Purposeful Creative)

6. “One key skill that’s really important in balancing multiple roles is learning how to manage your time. And I think it’s something that you build over time in practice.” – Winnie Wong (Graphic Designer and the Co-Founder of Future Faces Manila)

7. “To feel less guilty, to heal yourself, do something you really like. Do your favorite hobby.” – Dr. Geraldine Zamora (Doctor of Internal Medicine)

8. “When evaluating a project, I really look at what I can bring to the table, what I can contribute to the project, my expertise, and the requirements, and the feasibility of the project. It’s nothing personal.” – Rosario Herrera (Founder and CEO of Status Media Group)

9. “When offers come, aside from the absolute salary, I ask, do I have the flexibility to still train when I want to train? Does this provide me the right platform for growth when I take a look at my career? Am I getting into an organization that has a culture that I know I can thrive in?” – Nicole Villarojo (Regional Design Brand Manager, APAC Procter and Gamble)

10. “When negotiating your worth in the industry, take a pause, talk to a mentor, do your research until you are at peace with the salary.” – Jane Dee (Hong Kong-based Branding Consultant and Marketing Strategist)

11. “If it makes him happy to see you shine, you are with the right person.”Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan (Wife, Mother, Actress, and Host)

12. “Focus on your life. Everything on social media is curated. It’s not realistic.”Kimi Juan (Travel Photographer)

13. “When people put you down, it’s really not about you, it’s about themselves. It’s about the lack of love that they might feel, the lack of self-worth, the feeling that they are not enough.” – Iza Calzado (Actress, Co-Founder of She Talks Asia)

14. “Examine every single post. For example, ‘this doesn’t make me feel good,’ then why do you allow it to enter your life? You’re in control. No one else is holding your phone or your accounts. You’re a thousand percent in control of social media. Social media is not this massive thing that’s overwhelming, it’s not a tsunami coming after you. It’s a tiny little bubble that you can pop whenever you want.”Nikko Ramos (Editor-in-chief, SLAM Philippines and Brand Content Director of TITAN 22)

15. “I started curating what was coming into my life and what was going out of my life. Everything started to change, people fell away, I’m with completely different friends now. And I feel more fulfilled as a person.” – Amanda Scully (Singapore-based Brand Builder and Maori Healer)

16. “Becoming a mom at a young age was the hardest challenge I’ve ever faced. There’s nothing in the world that made me stronger and help me stand on my own two feet. And I never allowed the experience to defeat me or dictate my future. When you have no one to rely on but yourself, I guess, you grow up faster than everyone else.” – Rissa Mananquil-Trillo (Happy Skin’s Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer)

17. “Having boundaries is demanding for respect. And if you love someone and if they love you, they will respect your boundaries. That is what unconditional love is. It’s having respect for someone and making sure you are not crossing their boundaries.”Mich Dulce (Designer, Milliner, Musician, and Co-Founder of Grrrl Gang)

18. “I’d rather work ten times harder to be ten times happier than to work as hard as I am right now and not be happy at all.” – Amanda Scully (Singapore-based Brand Builder and Maori Healer)

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