#MuteRKelly: A Call for Spotify, iTunes, And Apple Music To Shut Down R. Kelly’s Music

R. Kelly’s Spotify streaming have shown a 16 percent increase since Lifetime premiered ‘Surviving R. Kelly,” according to The Blast.

His reputation might be severely damaged, but it looks like the number of people that listens to his music remains unscathed. By which is a means of giving more profit to someone who has been deemed a sexual predator.

In April of 2018, Vox reported that the Women of Color committee of the movement, Time’s Up, encourages all women to participate in #MuteRKelly, an online campaign that demands anyone in the music industry to cut association with R. Kelly’s music. This includes music streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music. As well as Ticketmaster, and the record label of Kelly, RCA.

Spotify has pulled out R. Kelly’s music from various flagship playlists under the global streaming’s terms of public hate content and hateful conduct policy  Despite no longer being promoted by Spotify, his music is still available for streaming.

However, Lady Gaga’s 2013 collaboration ‘Do What U Want’ with the R&B singer has been removed from Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify. Lady Gaga has issued a statement and wrote that she intended to “remove this song off of iTunes and other streaming platforms…” as reported by Billboard on January 9.

But it seems like the controversy and allegations following R. Kelly is only adding salt to the wound; giving him more curious listeners and increasing the popularity of his music when the opposite is what is righteously supposed to happen.

The same person that has been indicted with 21 counts of child pornography by police wrote this excerpt from a 19-minute confession song:

“I admit I fuck with all the ladies, that’s both older and young ladies (ladies, yeah)
But tell me how they call it pedophile because that shit is crazy (crazy)

You may have your opinions, entitled to your opinions (opinions, opinions)
But really am I supposed to go to jail or lose my career because of your opinion…”

Four lines into the song, it is evident that R. Kelly is unbothered and unapologetic about his sexually abusive actions against many female victims involving underaged girls.

With these brief and controversial accounts that follow, isn’t it time to no longer perpetuate the support that is being given to R. Kelly?

Take all platforms away from an offender that has received undeserving merit, praise, and attention for many years.

For 25 years, allegations of Kelly’s sexual misconduct toward minors have followed the singer since he married 15-year-old pop star Aaliyah when he was 27 years old in 1994. They met when she was only 12 years old.

Lawsuits over lawsuits investigating Kelly’s criminal complaints have been investigated where he initiates sexual acts with young girls. In Chicago Sun-Times’ coverage of R. Kelly’s timeline, a videotape was sent to the Chicago Police Department that shows the singer doing sexual activities with what a witness identified as a 14-year-old girl. Kelly appears to urinate on the victim and instruct her to call him, “Daddy.” This happened in 2002, the same year one of his most well-known song “Ignition” was released.

Furthermore, as stated in a July 2017 article by BuzzFeed News, parents have told police that R. Kelly was allegedly keeping multiple young women against their will in an abusive “cult.” Kelly allegedly forced the women into engaging in group sex where they are being videotaped and if they disobey, they would get beaten. “Mr. Kelly unequivocally denies such allegations and will work diligently and forcibly to pursue his accusers and clear his name,” as stated by his lawyer.

After stories of R. Kelly’s sex cult came into view, in November 2018, his ex-wife Drea Kelly has accused him of domestic violence. For the first time, she has spoken publicly about the matter saying she has experienced a physically, emotionally, and sexually abusive marriage with Kelly. Drea recalls in an interview with ABC News that she thought that he might kill her.

Kelly has survived a series of lawsuits along his tumultuous yet successful path. But today in the era of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movement, we’re hoping that justice for the victims finally prevails. 

There are more men like R. Kelly in the entertainment industry that targets women merely as an object for their chauvinistic pleasure. Some of them still sleep at night in a big pile of money. If you know someone who supports these kinds of people, ask them – how do you enjoy art when behind it are oppressed victims clamoring for help?

Staying silent is a thing of the past. We now live in an era where women have a voice powerful enough to put harassers in the halt of getting away with their offenses. 

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