The Perfect Playlist You Should Listen To On A Rainy Day

Now that it’s the rainy season again, most of us couldn’t help the gloomy feeling from the dark clouds and heavy downpour of rain.

Other than going to our windows and have a droplet race, or read a good book perfect this weather, there are other things we could do to keep us entertained while we’re stuck at home.

Listening to music appropriate for this weather is the perfect time killer. So here are our top picks specially made for you guys to listen to during this rainy season.


Not to sound too emotional, but this music by Ed Sheeran is beautifully written. It just hits close to home, making you feel so soft and sentimental.


Daniel Ceasar just couldn’t help and make you think of your loved ones. Or your other half at the very least. To all lovers, hopeless romantics, or even the single ones out there, listen to this.


My Everything seems to be a gloomy ballad that suits the weather. Ariana Grande never fails to give us that sense of longing we’ve all been holding on to for quite some time. This track, though love is the main idea, also encapsulates acceptance and self-love.


Of course, this playlist would not be complete without any LANY songs. Hericane just might be the right track that will make you wish you the rain could pour longer so you can play this track over and over and over again


The newest track on Frank Ocean’s album and by far his best one yet. This track draws more attention to personal experiences. With its simplistic melody and evocative lyrics, it’s almost impossible for the audience to lose connection to Frank Ocean.


This track, though sang originally by Drake, is best played when it’s Christina Grimmie singing it. A dreamy and smooth R&B track should do the trick on a rainy day.


One of the most popular indie songs of all time, Vance Joy has given us the “coming of age love story” with different forms of metaphor, leaving us so hooked with this track.


Sam Smith’s sweet melody will seize the rainy day in all ways possible. Here’s a friendly reminder that when you listen to any of Sam Smith’s songs, it’s almost impossible for you to escape his safe haven.


This is one of Khalid’s greatest hits that will make you want to travel or at least search for something you really seek in life. This track will make you feel like there’s a part of you that’s missing. A track like this is perfect for a rainy day.

On top of the rain, you’ll be needing some music to cure the dullness brought to you by this season. Spice things up! A little music won’t hurt.