WATCH: Regine Velasquez and Daniel Padilla Jaw Dropping Duet

When Regine Velasquez was first interviewed about who she wants to perform with now that she’s a Kapamilya, the name of Daniel Padilla was one of the first few she mentioned. In Regine Velasquez’s “Regine at the Movies” on November 25, Daniel made an appearance and sang a duet with the Asia’s Songbird. Related: Regine Velasquez Defends Marian Rivera’s Viral Unfaithful Performance To introduce her guest, Regine shared how she discovered Daniel’s talent.  “During the ABS-CBN Ball, I saw this gorgeous man and he sang and my jaw just dropped. I was so impressed with him. And I’ve never seen him perform live, but the first time I saw him perform, I was so impressed. That’s why he is here tonight!” [gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="58147,58148"] Watch the full duet of Regine and Daniel below: Read more: