Remembering Kate Spade: Beyond The Handbags

In the recent passing of Kate Spade, the legacies she has bestowed to the fashion industry will forever be remembered.

More than just floral handbags and colorful printed accessories, she’s one of the most adored women who changed the fashion industry around the world.

Kate Spade brought a new and fresh idea to the industry. She started crafting her works from scratch. From the living room items to model figures out of scotch tapes and papers, she began finding a manufacturer in Brooklyn to turn her visions into reality. For Kate Spade, settling for less was never an option.

Kate Spade’s legacy extends far beyond handbags

Whenever you think of Kate Spade, first thing that comes to mind is her colorful handbags and her iconic beehive hairdo.

Spade herself always appeared to be the representation of the Kate Spade brand. She generally wore a couple of huge-lensed glasses and dark-brown colored hair heaped over her head – a couple of strands getting away from the exquisite yet heedless style.

Spade also paved they way for all the solo female fashion designers – ladies whose lines mirrored their remarkable individual style, to rise and make their own brands in the 2000’s.

Spade was one of the primary creators to recognize the possibilities of lifestyle and space. Spade’s brand is best known for its splendidly shaded handbags that managed to be both sophisticated, edgy, and practical.

A standout amongst the most famous designs that individuals will get familiar with is the Sam bag – a square shaped tote that many people will let you know was their first Kate Spade handbag.

When it comes to clothes, Spade’s style is instantly recognizable. Her key to the style is to mix femininity and summer-like feels. Think of it as wearing an elegant garden party dress and killer pastel heels.

Dominating New York City

Before being a legend, Kate was a former accessories editor for Mademoiselle magazine. Spade’s realization of not further venturing on fashion-publication made it possible for the Kate Spade New York brand to be on the fashion market.

It was amid that job when she found a vast fashion opening – she couldn’t find a purse she genuinely adored.

With numerous of competitors in New York City, Spade managed to cross the line of luxury brands. Kate Spade New York has developed into a noteworthy power in American fashion with more than $1 billion in yearly deals from their collection.

Despite the colossal development the brand has made at its core, Kate Spade New York still remains known for design, usefulness, and basic bliss.

The Kate Spade brand might be a standout amongst the most distinguished luxury brand, but Spade’s very own legacy will be more affected by her status as one of history’s best-known female designer who created an era for the next American ladies in the business.

The Birth of Frances Valentine

Little did everybody know, Kate legally changed her last name to ‘Valentines’ to associate herself to the brand. Alongside the change, Spade managed to create another designer brand named after her daughter, Frances. Adding a bit of sophistication and simplicity, Spade combined Frances’s name and her middle name, then gave birth to Frances Valentine.

Frances Valentine mirrored a feeling of eccentricity. The line’s furry flats and designer handbag also reflected the brand itself as Spade always wanted the representation of women themed after elegance in simplicity.

In the wake of Spade’s death, there was an overflowing sentimentality on social media. They shared what the brand meant to them.

For some, a Kate Spade bag was their first designer bag. Point is, she was a huge part of our growing years.

Mental health matters

As we remember Kate, let us be aware of the people who have depression too. May this be an eye-opener to everyone – that even if you have everything you have ever wanted in life, depression spares no one. Not even your social class or the number of blessings you have.

Observe the people around you. Check on your friends. You might not know that even the one’s closest to your heart might be going through the same thing.

And even after everything, Kate Spade will forever live on. Not just in our bags, but all the hearts she touched genuinely.

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