It’s People Like Robin Padilla That Make Us Want To Be Empowered

A single mom blows away the judges and the audience with her breathtaking performance in Pilipinas Got Talent last April 1. Her performance was nothing short of praises as she made jaws drop while dancing around a spiral pole.

The emotion Kristel De Catalina brought on stage reflected her pain, her struggle, and her strength as a single mother.

The Judges’ Reaction

Angel Locsin gushed about her performance, saying: “Ikaw ang pinakamabigat na makakalaban ng contestants ng PGT. Kailangan talaga nila mag level up para makatapat sayo. Sobrang wow.”

Vice Ganda also added, “Lalong nagpaganda pa yung simbolismo nung ginagawa mo, yung simbolismo na pinapakita mo sa buong mundo na ikaw ay isang solo parent. Ikaw ay isang babae at ang isang babae ay kayang umangat at magningning kahit nag-iisa.”

But Robin Padilla has done it again; after they complimented her dancing, Robin just had to say, “Pero kailangan mo pa rin ng lalaki!” 

The YouTube video from PGT’s episode did not include Robin’s unsolicited comment.

We don’t need a man

Before Kristel De Catalina became a mom, she was at the peak of her dancing career; it was her shining year. Until an unexpected pregnancy happened. She had to choose between her career or the baby she was carrying. She chose her baby and selflessly raised him as a single mother.

If there’s anything Kristel proved that night on the PGT stage, it’s that she can bravely prosper in life without a man by her side. Her talent and experience were mere evidence of the strength of an independent woman. And if there’s anything Robin Padilla proved that night, it’s that people who think like him still exist in this world and this is why we continue to fight for equality.

In the age where we advocate women empowerment, people are speaking up more on behalf of those women who continue to experience prejudice. Being misogynistic and sexist isn’t something we should normalize. There are women like Kristel who deal with men like Robin: men who think that we need them to be able to be happy.

That’s the sad reality we live in. Some people believe that the true definition of contentment is by having a significant other.

But that’s not true.

This kind of mentality is what makes society so stagnant. It’s as if women cannot be successful without the credit of men. The fragile masculinity can take in many forms, and in this case, it was Robin Padilla stressing that she needs a man in her life.

So thanks to Robin’s comment, people become more aware of the omnipresent misogyny in the Philippines, and it pushes those who are socially aware to keep empowering women to shine.

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