Is Ronnie Alonte Ungrateful to Fans?

Ronnie Alonte’s life, which can be due to the fact that he is now officially in one love team, Loinie, with actress Loisa Andalio. Ronnie has been seen answering back in his social media to various fans and followers, as well as blocking long-time supporters.  Related: Why Did Ronnie Alonte Delete His Photos With Sue Ramirez and Julia Barretto?  Ronnie has been reacting to fans that responded negatively after he deleted photos with former love team partners, Sue Ramirez and Julia Barretto, in his Instagram account. “’Wag palakihin ang ulo ng mga idol niyo. Kung may sasabihn kayong alam niyong di naman talaga. Tikom bibig nalang!” Tweeted Ronnie last Jan. 28. Ronnie also seems to have reacted to losing fans from other fandoms because he is now paired exclusively with Loisa. “Wag lang ang dyos mawala kasi mas masikit un. Hannggat wala akong inaapakan tao go ako. Pero sana lawakan niyo dn isip nyo. Wag one sided! Masasawa dn kayo at susuporta dn kayo ulit. Kaso alam ko solid kayo at tayo. So iloveyou all!” said Ronnie in another Tweet dated Jan. 29.

Aside from answering back to his fans, Ronnie has also blocked accounts of fans that shipped him with other actresses. Ronlianatics (@ronlianatics on Instagram) was blocked by the actor and Loisa. The same goes for Ronella Rangers (@ronellarangers on Instagram), an account by a fan that shipped the actor with actress Janella Salvador. Ronnie has interacted with some of these blocked accounts in the past, and has even left messages of gratefulness to Ronlianatics for example, for all the support and effort such as set visits last year to his teleserye, A Love to Last. It is also known that many have bashed Ronnie beforehand, due to his acting which has displeased some viewers, or because he has a love team partner who also has another partner actor. What could be the reason why Ronnie is now reacting so much to criticism and even former fans who he knows has supported him ever since?
Ronnie used to be in three love teams at the same time; one was with Sue Ramirez that was called Suenie, and another with Julia Barretto, called Ronlia. Suenie was Ronnie’s first love team after the young actor entered showbiz around three years ago. Meanwhile, Ronlia even had a film, Vince and Kath and James, as well as a teleserye, A Love to Last. Loinie, on the other hand, was formed on the noontime show It’s Showtime, where Ronnie performs with his fellow Hashtags members. Some of the reasons that Ronnie’s team-ups with Sue and Julia crumbled was because the two actresses seem to have found their own matches as well, with Sue being linked to Boyband PH member, Joao Constancia, and Julia having established her partnership with Joshua Garcia, Joshlia, as her official love team. Loisa has also long been rumored to be Ronnie’s real life girlfriend. (Something that in a way, the actor has now admitted, saying that they’re getting there, though not yet official.)

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