What Happens When You Have To Choose Between Passion & Relationship? Rose McIver Has A Solution

The first instalment of “A Christmas Prince” in Netflix has been a huge success. With great feedback amongst critiques and an overwhelming amount of support on social media. Fans and viewers alike were excited for the sequel, “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.”

This November 30, Netflix releases what comes after the engagement of a royal couple of a small country called Aldovia. Taking place a year after “A Christmas Prince,” the American reporter, Amber (Rose Mclver), has fallen in love and is set to marry King Richard (Ben Lamb).

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Who doesn’t love a good Christmas movie with Royals? As we’ve seen with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, American-European Royal Weddings are sure to be the talk of the town. You would be lying to yourself if you say you haven’t once dreamed of marrying a prince.

While we all wanted the cheesy tale of two out-of-league characters, hopelessly falling in love, the plot thickens in this sequel. With a financial issue spurting in the country of Aldovia and being forced to give up Amber’s passion for blogging, their relationship is put into the test before the wedding.

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While there are mixed reviews for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, Rose McIver, the lead actress who plays Amber Moore, talks about the trials her character will be facing in this movie through an e-mail interview with MEG:

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1. In the first movie, A Christmas Prince, we’ve watched Amber go to Aldovia to get her big break. We know that her future is very important to her, but not as important as her virtue. Will we be getting another conflict in terms of her career in the second movie? Without giving away too much, what can we learn about Amber in A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding?

Without a doubt. Her blog and the censorship of it is a huge story point of the second film.

2. It’s quite common, despite our push for progression, that women are faced in a situation where they have to choose between their career or keeping their relationships stable. What is your advice to women who are forced to give up one for the other?

Trust your gut. People will give you all sorts of advice but I think if you tune into a deeper intuition, you know where you really need to be focusing. We get caught up on surface level pressures and it’s about going below those and thinking about what you desperately really care about.

3. You’ve starred in one of my favorites series on Netflix, iZombie, and I love how you take on roles that exercise your acting range. But in the movie, A Christmas Prince, I can’t help but notice how completely different Amber is from Liv Moore. What can you say their similarities are?

Their last name, Moore. And they are both ambitious and can be very stubborn.

4. What do you like about the characters you’ve played so far?

The variety. We are all made up of so many different personality combos. I want to keep exploring a range of people with every role.

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